(HBO) - They are still the former people, the annual work: propaganda, promotion, exhibition, professional guidance to develop the mass cultural movement, film projection for the political tasks of the locality and people but the Provincial Center for Culture - Cinema has innovated to improve the operational efficiency.

The short play "Electricity is to be at the forefront" has been elaborately staged by the Provincial Center for Culture and Cinema to implement the propaganda "joining hands to build a new countryside" at the grassroots level.

With the explosion of mass media such as television, electronic newspapers, especially the internet, the people's intellectual life has been increasingly improved. Accordingly, people are less interested in the film showing, the cultural performances by artists, actors and propaganda officers of the province. Being aware of this, the Provincial Center for Culture and Cinema has constantly innovated propaganda in the direction of flexibility. On the one hand, they have been closely keeping the local political tasks, on the other hand, they have been paying attention to improving the quality of art to have the best programs to serve the people.

Mr. Bui Tu Cao, the Director of the Provincial Center for Culture and Cinema says that with the method of propaganda "quick, timely, mobile and effective", the Provincial Center for Culture and Cinema has built the right and good propaganda program. The right is in terms of content and the good is in the ways of communicating information. They have always been exploring and innovating in the direction of flexibility in organizing the propaganda programs, creating the newness and avoiding the boredom in the way of information transmission. 

Although they are working in difficult conditions due to the limited funding for the professional operations, the officials of the Provincial Center for Culture - Cinema are still trying their best to perform better the task of transmitting the information to the grassroots levels, fully conveying the Party's guidelines and policies, the laws of the state to the public in remote areas, especially the difficult areas of the province.

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Traditional rattan, bamboo weaving sustained in Bui hamlet

(HBO) - Rattan and bamboo weaving in Bui hamlet of Nhan Nghia commune (Lac Son district) dates back hundreds of years. Over generations, local craftsmen have always worked hard to ensure sophistication and uniqueness of each product.

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(HBO) - The festival of the public performance in Cao Phong district in 2019 has really become a festival of the actors, the artisans and the people of Cao Phong district. With over 60 featured songs, dances and music performed by the public performing arts teams, the festival has brought a rich colorful picture, introducing the special local culture and has left a lot of emotions for the viewers.

The unique art of driftwood and ornamental stones in Lam Son commune

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The public art performance and the amateur stage theater in Luong Son district

(HBO) - Luong Son district has just organized the public art performance and the amateur stage theater in cluster 1 in 2019. Nearly 200 actors and musicians of 9 amateur art groups representing Cao Thang, Cao Duong, Hop Thanh, Thanh Luong, Long Son, Hop Chau, Tan Thanh, Trung Son and Thanh Lap communes have participated in the show.

Hoa Binh reviews culture, sports and tourism work in H1

(HBO) - The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh province has organised a conference to review the culture, sports, tourism and family work in the first half of 2019, and discuss orientations for implementing the work in the second half.