(HBO) - The Organizing Committee of the Week of Culture and Tourism in Hoa Binh province in 2019 has issued the Plan for organizing the Week of Culture and Tourism in Hoa Binh province in 2019. It is expected to be held from November 2-6.

At the provincial level and some neighboring provinces are invited to participate, the activities will be organized in Hoa Binh City and some districts in the province. Specifically, the opening and closing ceremonies will be held at Hoa Binh Square (Hoa Binh City).

The highlight of the Week of the Culture and Tourism in Hoa Binh Province in 2019 will be the unique traditional cultural values of the ethnic groups in the province. Photo: From now, the representatives of the Dao ethnic group in the province are preparing the necessary conditions to be ready to participate in the upcoming Week of Culture and Tourism in Hoa Binh Province in 2019).

The Week of Culture and Tourism will have a lot of outstanding activities such as the opening ceremony and the street festival "Colors of Hoa Binh Culture”, the performing art of Muong gong with the theme "Hoa Binh – the Echo from Origin” (Scheduled to be held on November 2). The Contest Muong Ethnic Beauty (the final is scheduled on November 3, starting for the competition from the end of June 2019). 

There will be the display and the demonstration of the unique cultural heritage of the ethnic groups of Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong and Tay in the province (it is expected from 1 to 5 November). Food Festival and product introduction of Hoa Binh will take place (it is expected to build one Guinness Record on Muong culinary leaf dish of Hoa Binh province, from 3 - 5 November). There will be a Festival of the traditional jobs of the ethnic groups in the province. The workshop on the development of Hoa Binh tourism products and an Art photo festival "Hoa Binh – country and people" will take place, too. Some programs will be combined with the local tourism.

This is a political-cultural-tourism event on a large scale, which is organized to honor the unique cultural values of the land and people of Hoa Binh province. It will help to promote the potential and the strengths of the province's economic, cultural and tourist development to the domestic and international friends. 

Thereby, it will contribute to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity, promoting the tourism, expanding the product consumption markets, attracting the investment and creating the conditions for improving the material and spiritual life for the people in the province.
With a lot of special activities, the Week of Culture and Tourism in Hoa Binh in 2019 will be an outstanding event in the last months of 2019, promising to create a strong attraction for millions of tourists coming to Hoa Binh.

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