(HBO) - The new rural construction program of Hoa Binh province achieved positive results. Here are some outstanding photos:

Localities Hoa Binh province devote a lot of resources to investment in irrigation works, canal solidification for agricultural production.


Dong Suong cooperative in Thanh Lap commune (Luong Son district) develops the safe vegetable growing area to create the trust in the market.


Tong Dau commune health station (Mai Chau district) has been equipped with equipment and facilities to meet the requirements of primary health care for the people.


The school system of Hoa Binh city is invested in spacious construction, contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning.


The cultural house of Dan Ha commune (Ky Son district) is invested to build the new rural standard, meeting the needs of the people.


Ngoc Luong commune (Yen Thuy district) renovates the landscape of village roads and alleys, striving to reach the new and improved rural commune.


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