(HBO) - Under the roof of the provincial Military School, 106 citizens from 29 provinces and cities returning from the epidemic area and were warmly welcomed, encouraged and cared for as the family members by the officials, the soldiers and the doctors of Hoa Binh province.

All worries, stresses, apprehensions have quickly passed. Completing 14 days of the concentrated quarantine, 106 out of the 106 citizens are healthy, nobody is diagnosed positive for Covid-19. Exactly 14 days ago, Hoa Binh welcomed the citizens when it was still dark with torrential rain, this morning Hoa Binh organized a farewell when the rain had stopped, the sun was hot. The emotion at the farewell moment is the guestbook lines filled with sentiments, the tight handshakes, the loving hugs and thanks from the bottom of the hearts... The reporters of Hoa Binh Newspaper have recorded the memorable moments.

Early in the morning, the soldiers of the Provincial Military Headquaters helped the citizens transport their belongings into the cars.

  At the end of the quarantine period, 106 out of 106 citizens are healthy without any cases positive for Covid-19.

 The guestbook lines have recorded the memories, the feelings and especially a lot "thank you” after 14 quarantine days of 106 citizens at the provincial Military School.

 Before the farewell time, many beautiful moments have been treasured with regard.

 The smiles and tight hugs from the roommates on the day when the quarantine is over.

 The provincial Military Headquarters has thoughtfully arranged the car to take citizens to the bus station to travel home.

 Duong Huyen Anh, a young girl (from Hoang Mai, Hanoi), asked a family member from Hanoi to take her home and prepare a beautiful bouquet to send to the cadres, soldiers, and doctors who were devoted to caring in the quarantine area.






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