Located over 50km from the centre of Hanoi, a lotus pond in An Phu commune, My Duc district, Hanoi, is in full bloom, attracting a large number of visitors to take photos.

The scenery is beautiful thanks not only to the fragrant lotus flowers but also the limestone mountains, creating a charming landscape.

Previously, local people in An Phu commune cultivated rice, but the agricultural production always faced many difficulties and crop failures due to flooding. In recent years, they have moved to growing lotus, bringing about a high level of economic efficiency.

Local people in the commune have moved from rice cultivation to lotus farming for a higher level of economic efficiency.

Fragrant pink lotus buds in the pond.

Lotus flowers spreading their wings and blossoming with their distinct fragrance.

A girl posing for a picture at the lotus pond.

Lotus has become a special topic for many photographers.

A couple taking photos with lotus flowers to enshrine the memories of their love.

Lotus flowers help people feel warm and serene.

The lotus pods begin to produce seeds, promising a bumper season.

Lotus flowers are blooming throughout these warm days in June, cooling the hot summer air.

Source: NDO

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