(HBO) - Re-appointment, every Sunday morning, Mong ethnic people in Hang Kia and Pa Co communes (Mai Chau) rush to Pa Co market. It is not only crowded with the atmosphere of exchanging, shopping, this market is also especially impressed by the unique upland cultural identity. The people look forward to every Sunday to go to the market. The attitude of the upland people, the colorful ethnic costumes have been creating a colorful picture of the fair.

The family of Mong ethnic people in Hang Kia are cheerfully in their costume to go to the market.

The space of the market is colorful with brocade.

Enjoying the products showing the strength and talents of Mong ethnic boys.

Pa Co fair offers a great variety of the essential commodity.

This is also a place to exchange and meet friends.

The cultural identity of the fair is a highlight attracting visitors to stop and experience when having opportunity to come to Pa Co.

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