(HBO) – Captain Nguyen Tien Hiep from the provincial Police Agency’s domestic security bureau has accompanied ethnic minority people in their daily lives so as to have proper measures ensuring security and order in the area.

Captain Nguyen Tien Hiep (standing), an officer from the provincial Police Agency’s domestic security bureau.

Hiep said getting close to local people helps him grasp their expectations and thoughts, and by this way the police force can win the trust of the locals, and receive their support to complete entrusted missions.

Hiep is now familiar with being away from home to live with the ethnic minority people. He has persistently persuaded the locals not to cover up criminals, and to say no to drug transport and smuggling.

Thanks to his efforts, tens of wanted people give up themselves to the police in Mai Chau district’s Hang Kia and Pa Co communes and hundreds of homemade guns were seized, while many drug addicts have volunteered to go to detoxification centres.

With various excellent achievements, Hiep has been recognized as a role model at grassroots level for six consecutive years, and a role model of the national police force by the Ministry of Public Security. Besides, he also received many certificates of merit from the Director of the provincial Police Agency./.



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