(HBO) - Luong Son district currently has nearly 4,700 employees, officials and workers, in which there are more than 4,200 trade union members, participating in activities at 107 trade unions of the grassroots levels. Performing the function of protecting the lawful and legitimate rights and interests for the workers and employees, Luong Son Confederation of Labor regularly pays attention to renovating the content, the mode of operation and building the strong Confederation of Labor.

The leaders of the Confederation of Labor of Luong Son district are presenting gifts to workers with difficult circumstances of Hoang Gia Houseware Manufacturing joint Stock Company on the occasion of Worker Month in 2019.

Implementing the theme of "The year for the benefit of the members of the trade union”, the district’s Confederation of Labor has directed the trade union of the grassroots level to promote the coordination with the appropriate authorities and units, organizing the conferences of cadres, civil servants and public employees; At the same time, they have organized dialogues between the businesses and their workers. Thereby, it has been creating conditions for the cadres, workers and employees to implement their democratic rights, contributing and deciding many important issues of the agencies and units.

Besides, The Trade Unions of all levels always grasp the operational situations of the enterprises, the ideologies and life of the employees. They also propose the employers many solutions to remove the difficulties for the employees and mobilize workers to take part in the production emulation, raising the awareness, the responsibility and the consolidation with enterprises.

On the occasion of Lunar New Year, the annual Labor Month, officials, employees with difficult circumstances in each enterprise, agency in the area are supported and encouraged by the Trade Union.

In the first nine months of this year, on the occasion of Lunar New Year, all levels of the Trade Union in the district have cooperated with the Trade Union of the industrial parks to organize a program called "New Year Reunion” for employees. They presented nearly 23 Tet gifts. The district’s Confederation of Labor granted 198 gifts worth 51 million VND to the Trade Union’s members and workers with difficult circumstances.

On the occasion of Worker Month, they have visited and offered 267 gifts to employees with difficult circumstances in 5 enterprises. The have collaborated with the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize the Men's Football Competition for officials and employees in 2019. They have visited and presented gifts worth one million each for 2 Trade Union’s members with serious illnesses from the social fund of the Trade Union. 

They have also given 480 boxes of milk worth 3.5 million VND to Cu Yen kindergarten from the Golden Heart Fund of Lao Dong Newspaper. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Trade Union, the district’s Confederation of Labor presented 100 gifts to employees with difficult circumstances. They constructed the project "Lighting electricity line” in Lien Son sub-area, Luong Son town with 2,500 m long and the total cost of 40 million dongs.

In the coming time, the district’s Confederation of Labor continues to promote the activities of the Trade Union, intensifying the inspection and timely settlement of proposals and recommendations of the Trade Union’s members and employees, and promoting the social and charity activities. Thereby, it makes the Trade Union’s members feel secure to take part in producing, making the agencies and units increasingly strong, contributing to the successful implementation of the socio-economic development in the locality.

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