(HBO) - If before it took hours from Highway 6 to Hang Kia by dirt, rocky and slippery roads, making everyone tired, now the worry about roads does no longer exits. In addition to the flat road leading to the commune center, the roads to the hamlets have also been hardened, helping the local people travel conveniently. Therefore, it has contributed to help this place gradually "wake up” the strength of community and ecology tourism. More and more tourists have been coming to explore the natural beauty and learn about the life experience with rich cultural identity.

Traffic criteria in new rural construction are prioritized by Hang Kia commune (Mai Chau), thereby it has been promoting the socio-economic development in the area.

Mr. Khau A Vau, the Chairman of commune’s People Committee says that Hang Kia has changed a lot as a result of the attention of the Party and State through prioritizing the investment in programs and projects. At the same time, it is the help and support of all levels and branches that have made the commune's new rural face step by step exist. 

Although there are still difficulties, it is easily noticeable that people's lives are greatly improved when they pay attention to the application of science and technology to production, changing the structure of suitable plants and animals, and rural vocational training of laborers. The commune has implemented the economic models and benefited from ethnic works, projects and policies invested in the area.

On the way of Hang Kia’s development, it is necessary to mention the efforts of the Party Committees and the appropriate authorities in leading and administering the implementation of the Program of the National Environment on building new rural areas in the locality. Particularly, the people have raised their awareness and responded to the campaign "All people unite to build new rural and civilized urban areas.”

Under the leadership and administration of the Party Committee, the People's Committee, the consensus of the officials and the local people, the help and support from all levels and sectors and benefiting from the invested construction projects the social economy in Hang Kia has been promoted to develop. 

In 2019, the total production value in the province reached nearly 55,900 million VND, increasing 33.7% compared to the same period. In which, the value of agricultural production was 44,825 million VND, the value from commerce, services and tourism was 7,839 million VND, the value from handicraft industry and construction was 3,231 million VND. 100% of households have used the national electricity and clean water. Currently, the commune has reached 12 criteria in the national set of criteria for developing new rural areas.

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