(HBO) -The spacious Xuan Phong kindergarten in Hop Phong commune of Cao Phong district, which is located next to the inter-commune road, was built with its land donated by local people, especially Bui Van Ty.

Bui Van Ty from Ru Moi village, Hop Phong commune has donated thousands of square metres of land to build schools and health stations in the commune.

The kindergarten has 11 classes with 257 children. With this kindergarten, which was inaugurated one year ago, teachers and students are very happy, and parents feel secured when sending their children to the school. The proportion of children going to school has increased, and the quality of education improved.

The pervasion of the movement on learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example has created a change in political ideology, morality, lifestyle of officials, Party members and locals. Over the past four years, many good models have been duplicated in association with patriotic emulation movements in Party offices, local authorities, Fatherland Front, and organisations from the grassroots to district levels.

Notably, the "good production and business, and solidarity to help each other get rich and reduce poverty sustainably” model is the district’s key model on economic development with the cultivation of orange, grapefruit, dragon fruit and vegetable, and raising fish in cages, cow and chicken. Last year, the total growing area of orange and grapefruit rose to 3,015 hectares, with a total yield of over 40,000 tonnes a year.

The "all people joining hands in building new-style rural areas, civilized urban areas” model has also been expanded to the entire district, especially in Dung Phong, Thu Phong, Tan Phong, Nam Phong and Dong Phong communes. To date, the five communes have achieved all new-style rural area building criteria, while the remaining have met from 14.5 criteria and more. In response to the new-style rural area building movement, many local people have donated their land for the construction of roads and cultural houses. Since 2016, 277 households in the district have donated a total of 30,800sq.m of land.

Several social and charitable models such as "Cao Phong Charity Club” and "Zero dong shop” have operated effectively. The defence-security aspect also has outstanding models such as the "defence-cultural villages, hamlets” model of the district Military Command in Bam village of Tay Phong commune, and the "brave and humane people’s public security officers” model of the district Police’s Party Committee. The "saving rice jars” and "saving bamboo pipes” models of the district Women’s Union or the "joining hands in poverty reduction for veterans” model of the district Veterans’ Association have also proved effective in learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and moral example.

Those models are positive factors contributing to the successful implementation of the Politburo’s Directive 05./.


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(HBO) - Over the past years, our province has strictly grasped and creatively applied the Directive No. 43-CT/TW, dated on June 8, 2010 of the tenth Secretariat on "Strengthening the Party’s leadership on the work of Vietnam Red Cross” (Directive 43).

Launching the project “Increasing the access to the options of livelihood for the youth of the ethnic minorities”

(HBO) - On August 27, the International NGO Aide et Action and the Northwest Development Cooperation Center jointly held a kick-off ceremony of the "Increasing the access to the options of livelihood for the youth of the ethnic minorities (Ethnic Minorities)” in Hoa Binh Province. The leaders from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Provincial Youth Union, the Youth Union of Da Bac and Mai Chau districts, and the typical start-up young entrepreneur.

80 out of the 80 citizens coming back from Canada have been tested negative with SARS-CoV-2 for the first time

(HBO) - According to the information from the Provincial Center for Disease Control, on August 26, 80 out of the 80 citizens returning from Canada quarantined at the 814 Regiment, the Provincial Ministry of Military Affairs had the first negative test results for SARS-CoV -2.

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(HBO) - The Standing Committee of the Provincial Fatherland Front has collaborated with Everfam Co., Ltd. to install 315 free water purifiers, Unilever Pureit, for 66 schools from the kindergartens to the high schools in the province with 31,515 students benefited.

Building schools meeting the national standard - a mark of success in Hoa Binh education

(HBO) - By August 2020, in the whole province there have been 272 kindergartens and high schools meeting the national standards, reaching 51.71% (increasing 18.41% compared to that of 2015).

Youth in Dong Lai commune pioneer in promoting economic development

(HBO) - At the end of 2018, through the introduction of leaders of the People's Committee of Dong Lai commune, we visited an economic model in the commune which is already famous for red pomelo products.