(HBO) - Mr. Dang Ninh Tran, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial People’s Council, had a meet and worked with Party Committees of two communes: Yen Quang and Phuc Tien (in Ky Son district) about how to implement Commune’s Party Congress Revolution (2015-2020 tenure). Other attenders consist of Mr. Van Dung Nguyen, Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; the leaders of Provincial Party Construction Board, provincial departments and Ky Son’s Permanent Board of District Party Committee.

The leaders of province and Ky Son’s Permanent Board of District Party Committee had a meet with representatives at the meeting.

Mr. Dang Ninh Tran, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial People’s Council, visited and gave gifts for Mrs. Thi Du Nguyen, who has extremely difficult circumstances in Doan Ket I, Phuc Tien commune (in Ky Son district).

In half of tenure, the Party and people of Yen Quang and Phuc Tien communes have developed the tradition of solidarity, strived in an effort and attained some important and comprehensive achievements in all fields. The economy has gradually stabilized and developed, the scale has been constantly raised. Infrastructure system has been invested and upgraded in modern direction. The cultural and social fields have advances. Defence and Security is stabilized, politics and society are stable. Social security assurance is paid attention. The material and spiritual life of the people have been continuously improved. The construction of Party, administration, Fatherland Front and other associations have gained positive changes. Politic system continued on being strengthened and consolidated. This created a high consensus among people’s levels as well as the common development in the area.

In conclusion of meeting, Mr. Dang Ninh Tran, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial People’s Council, appreciated praised the results achieved in half of tenure of implementation of Commune’s Party Congress Revolution. He highlighted the focus of the mission in the coming time, including: Continuing to promote the conversion of agricultural products to provide services for industry, supply goods to Hanoi and the Northern Delta, and connect production chain to take initiative in consuming goods; Focusing on increasing people's intellectual standards, especially for young people in developing industry and small-scale handicrafts; Processing sites clearance rightly to construct Yen Quang industrial zone in a purpose on promoting investment attraction, change the economic structure strongly.

In addition, Commune authorities carry out well their functions and tasks, speed up administrative procedure reform, implement the democratic regulation properly and promote the people's mastery as well as monitoring activities of the community.

Also, communes are self-control and active in building new rural areas as well as implementing sustainable poverty and hunger eradication.

The Party Committee of the two communes lead properly the political thought, ensure defence and security, and regularly improve and update knowledge for civil servants and officers; Performing strictly the principle of organizing the party’s activities and the tasks of Party’s examination, monitoring and discipline; Continuing to promote the role of Fatherland Front and political and social organizations, and implement self-management model in the community well.

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