(HBO) - According to the Transaction office of Luong Son district of Hoa Bình Social Policy Bank, by the end of May, loan sales reached nearly 33 billion VND with 1,025 turns of borrowers. Debt collection turnover reached over 22.7 billion VND.

Project supporting social enterprises for sustainable and innovative rural development reviewed

(HBO) – With the sponsorship of Bread for the World, the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) coordinated with the Association of Farmers in the northern province of Hoa Binh and the Association of Women in the northern province of Lao Cai to organise a workshop on June 18 to review the implementation of a project on supporting social enterprises for sustainable and innovative rural development for the 2016-2019 period.

Kim Boi district: The industrial production – the small industry and handicrafts have been flourishing

(HBO) - Currently, there are 38 enterprises, 23 cooperatives and more than 1,131 individual households in Kim Boi district have engaged in the industrial and handicraft production and trading, of which there are 75 households producing and processing and 1,065 households doing businesses of all kinds.

Luong Son district signed a cooperation agreement on organic agriculture development

(HBO) - Luong Son district People's Committee and Que Lam Biotech Company Limited in Dao Duc commune, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province recently organized a program to sign a cooperation on construction and development of organic agricultural production in Luong Son district. Cooperation time from 3-5 years. The model is implemented in the communes of Thanh Lap, Cu Yen and Lien Son.

Lac Son district plans to produce summer-autumn and winter crops

(HBO) - Lac Son district People's Committee has just held a conference to implement the production plan for the summer-autumn and winter crops.

Hoa Binh develops brand for Lac Thuy honey

(HBO) – Half of Lac Thuy district’s forest areas of 19,100 hectares are cultivated with longan, litchi and other perennial trees, which serves as a good ground for the development of honey and bee sector. Bestowed with favourable weather conditions, Lac Thuy district has gained high economic efficiency from apiculture. Thanks to its high quality, local honey has met the taste of the market and become the main source of income of many households.

Luong Son strives to become new-style rural district in 2019

(HBO) – After eight years implementing the National Target Programme on new-style rural area building, he northwestern province of Hoa Binh’s Luong Son district has made significant achievements. The district has led localities across the province in the number of communes recognised as new-style rural areas and the average criteria completed.

Kim Boi district has 14 linkages of production and consumption of agricultural products

(HBO) - Currently, Kim Boi district has 14 linkages of production and consumption of agricultural products between farmers and enterprises, cooperatives with a total area of about 380 hectares. In particular, the area associated with the enterprise is about 193 ha, the area associated with the cooperative is about 187 ha.

Developing Quyet Chien brand of chayote

(HBO) - The preferential nature for the highland of Quyet Chien commune (Tan Lac) has made the chayote grow well, so the chayote is available all year round and it being confirmed as the safe vegetable in the market. Currently, the area of chayote trees in Quyet Chien commune is 60 hectares, mainly concentrated in Bu, Bac Hung and Ca hemlets. The households who cultivate a lot have from 1 to 2 hectares of chayote, and those who grow at least have 500 square meters of chayote.

Hoa Binh City considers 9 products to participate in the 2019 OCOP Program

(HBO) - On the basis of product registration forms participating in the 2019 OCOP Program of cooperatives, production facilities and households, Hoa Binh City People's Committee considers 9 products to participate in the 2019 OCOP Program.

Hoa Binh inspectorate works to help improve business climate

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee is ordering solutions to be carried out drastically to reduce unofficial costs for businesses and strictly deal with the bureaucracy caused by some officials and civil servants.

Export turnover of 5 months is estimated at over 316.8 million USD

(HBO) - In May, Hoa Binh's export turnover maintained a good growth, estimated at USD 83.385 million, up 21.2% compared to April.

Breakthrough in research and application of high technology in the field of medicinal plants

(HBO) - In July 2013, Hoa Binh Biopharm joint Stock Company was established in Group 17, Tan Thinh Ward (Hoa Binh City). The company has invested 3 tissue culture rooms, 3 net houses, and a garden to preserve and test the production process with total area of nearly 8 hectares and equipment. In 2013, this is the first tissue culture room that invested by private enterprises in Hoa Binh province and in the pharmaceutical companies in the Northern region.

The indigenous chicken raising cooperative of Dam hamlet started their businesses

(HBO) - In 2015, some farmers in Dam hamlet, Yen Nghiep commune (Lac Son) discussed, exchanged and selected the investment in the indigenous chicken raising in the direction of trade with the purpose of economic development of the family.

Harvesting spring crop rice with a high productivity and good quality

(HBO) - By the end of May, the localities in the province are speeding up, trying to complete harvesting the spring crop of 2019 by the end of June. In this crop, the total area of the annual crops is about 67 thousand hectares, exceeding 1.3% of the plan. In particular, the area of cereal has reached about 34.6 thousand hectares, including 16 thousand hectares of rice (exceeding 4.9% of the plan), 18.6 thousand hectares of maize (reaching 100% of the plan).

The farmers in Hop Thanh have been emulating at producing and doing business well

(HBO) - There have been 659 members in the Farmers’ Association of Hop Thanh commune currently. They are living and having meeting at 9 cells. In order to promote the emulation of good production and business, the Farmers’ Association has promoted the propaganda and mobilized people to increase the production, to intensify crops and to apply the science and technology into production to increase the productivity per unit of area.

Solutions improve land access index

(HBO) - In 2018, Hoa Binh province ranked 48th out of the 63 cities and provinces nationwide in the ranking of the provincial competitiveness index, up four places compared to 2017. The land access index is one of the seven component indexes that contribute to higher ranking. Although there are improvements, firms still meet difficulties in land access.

Hoa Binh province attracted 537 investment projects

(HBO) - In April 2019, the Provincial People's Committee decided on the investment policy for 5 domestic investment projects with a total registered capital of VND 213.26 billion.

The income of hundreds of millions of dongs from planting pink aromatic bananas

(HBO) - Tasting so many "bitter fruits" with a lot of ineffective crops, finally Mr. Bui Van Thuy, Bai village, Kim Binh commune (Kim Boi) has also found the economic development direction of the family with pink aromatic bananas. After only 3 years, sweet bananas gave Mr. Thuy the income of hundreds of millions of dongs.

Concerted, effective measures for summer-autumn, winter crops 2019

(HBĐT) - On May 22, the Hoa Binh provincial People's Committee held a teleconference to launch a plan for summer-autumn, winter crops 2019. Vice Chairman of the Committee Nguyen Van Dung chaired the event.

Agricultural products in spring crops have bumper harvest, good prices

(HBO) – Farmers in Hoa Binh province are happily entering the harvesting season of their main crops of agricultural products as they are enjoying increases in both consumption and prices. In addition, many plants have bumper crops with stable productivity and safe quality.

Hoa Binh province harvests 1,370 ha of spring rice crop

(HBO) - The northwestern mountainous province of Hoa Binh harvested rice on 1,374 out of its 16,012 ha, accounting for 8.7 percent of the total area under the crop.

10 years of implementing "Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods" campaign reviewed

(HB0) - On May 15, the Steering Committee for the "Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese goods" campaign held a conference to review 10 years of the implementation of the "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" campaign (2009 - 2019).

Thirty-six billion VND are spending on renewing Trang Bridge (Hoa Binh City)

(HBO) - The Department of Transportation is implementing the construction project for renewing Trang bridge (Dong Tien Ward, Hoa Binh City). According to the plan approved by the People's Committee of the province, 36 billion VND from the provincial budget will be invested in Trang Bridge to renew at the position of Km0 + 20 Cu Chinh Lan road.

Tan Lac district develops brands for local farm produce

(HBO) – Tan Lac district is making the first steps in carrying out the "One Commune One Product” (OCOP) programme, which is considered a solution to optimize local potential and advantages, thus boosting the development of rural economy and contributing to completing new-style rural area building target.