(HBO) – A meeting to respond to the Global Handwashing Day was held at the HoaBinh Culture Palace on October 18 by the Ministry of Health and Unilever Vietnam Foundation, in collaboration with the provincial People’s Committee.

Hoa Binh works to ensure good facilities for new academic year

(HBO) - Under the provincial People’s Committee’s Decision No.2938/QD-UBND, dated December 26, 2019, nearly 114 billion VND (4.9 million USD) was set aside for construction and upgrade of 28 works and two programmes.

The effectiveness from a community initiative in Lac Sy commune

(HBO) - Located in the most remote area of Lac Sy commune (Yen Thuy), there are 111 households in Thong Nhat hamlet. The local mainly live on agriculture and their main income sources are from forest planting and rice transplantation. It makes it difficult for the socio-economic development of the village because it is far from the center of the commune and the district.

Lac Son district has launched the Month of Action for the Poor in 2020

(HBO) - The Fatherland Front of Lac Son District celebrated the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam National Unified Front (November 18, 1930 - November 18, 2020) and launched the peak month for the poor in 2020.

Lives of residents around Hoa Binh city reservoir see various changes

(HBO) - The construction of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant began in 1979. Hundreds of families surrounding the reservoir, including those of Thai Thinh commune, now Hoa Binh commune of the city of the same name, had to leave their residential land for the work.

The models of self-management have gone into depth

(HBO) - Seeing clearly the importance of self-management models, the Party Committee and People's Committee of the province has issued leadership documents and directions on enhancing the Party's leadership in building and replicating self-management models in the community, building and replicating self-management groups.

Programme brings warm Mid-Autumn Festival to ethnic minority children

(HBO) – The HoaBinh Charity Club has coordinated with the Youth Union of Hung Son commune in Kim Boi district to organise the "Mid-Autumn Festival of Love” programme for children in Ba Ra village – a poor locality in which locals are mostly from the Dao ethnic minority group.

Large-timber forest plantation proves promising in Tan Lac district

(HBO) – In 2016, the agriculture extension centre of Hoa Binh province launched a project on developing a model for synchronously applying technical advances to planting fast-growing large-timber forests. This project covered 38ha of land with 20 households participating. After four years of implementation, up to 95-98 percent of the trees planted under this project have survived with even growth, height of 10-12m and trunks 15-20cm in diameter.

Promoting hygiene campaigns in response to President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal

(HBO) – In response to late President Ho Chi Minh’s call for keeping hygiene, the medical sector of Hoa Binh province has launched an array of campaigns on environmental protection, disease combat and public health care over the past years.

145 houses built, repaired for the poor in Hoa Binh

(HBO) – Since the year’s beginning, the Hoa Binh provincial Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) has allocated part of the province’s Fund for the Poor to district-level VFF committees and its members organisations to build and repair 145 houses for low-income earners, costing 4.35 billion VND (189,000 USD) in total. Every new construction was supported with 30 million VND while each house needing repairs 20 million VND.

80 Vietnamese citizens returning from Canada complete COVID-19 quarantine period

(HBO) – On September 8, the Military High Command of Hoa Binh handed over the certificate of finishing the concentrated quarantine period as part of COVID-19 prevention measures to 80 Vietnamese citizens who returned from Canada and were sent to Regiment 814 in Thinh Lang ward of Hoa Binh city for quarantine from August 25.

Luong Son hands over charity houses to two needy families

(HBO) - The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Luong Son district and the local management board of the fund for the poor have organised a ceremony to hand over two charity houses to two poor households in Lien Son commune. They are Bui Thi Thanh in Ao Kenh village and Bui Van Hieu in Lat village.

95.15 percent of students in Hoa Binh pass high school graduation exam

(HBO) – Hoa Binh had 9,218 students registering to attend the recently-held high school graduation examination 2020. Of the total, 5,828 students only registered for graduating of high school, accounting for 63.22 percent. Meanwhile, 3,083 contestants registered for graduating high school and entering universities and colleges, accounting for 33.45 percent, and 307 contestants only took the exam for university entrance.

Spreading and prolonging loving-kindness

(HBO) - Over the past years, our province has strictly grasped and creatively applied the Directive No. 43-CT/TW, dated on June 8, 2010 of the tenth Secretariat on "Strengthening the Party’s leadership on the work of Vietnam Red Cross” (Directive 43).

Launching the project “Increasing the access to the options of livelihood for the youth of the ethnic minorities”

(HBO) - On August 27, the International NGO Aide et Action and the Northwest Development Cooperation Center jointly held a kick-off ceremony of the "Increasing the access to the options of livelihood for the youth of the ethnic minorities (Ethnic Minorities)” in Hoa Binh Province. The leaders from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Provincial Youth Union, the Youth Union of Da Bac and Mai Chau districts, and the typical start-up young entrepreneur.

80 out of the 80 citizens coming back from Canada have been tested negative with SARS-CoV-2 for the first time

(HBO) - According to the information from the Provincial Center for Disease Control, on August 26, 80 out of the 80 citizens returning from Canada quarantined at the 814 Regiment, the Provincial Ministry of Military Affairs had the first negative test results for SARS-CoV -2.

Installing 315 free water purifiers for students before the new school year

(HBO) - The Standing Committee of the Provincial Fatherland Front has collaborated with Everfam Co., Ltd. to install 315 free water purifiers, Unilever Pureit, for 66 schools from the kindergartens to the high schools in the province with 31,515 students benefited.

Building schools meeting the national standard - a mark of success in Hoa Binh education

(HBO) - By August 2020, in the whole province there have been 272 kindergartens and high schools meeting the national standards, reaching 51.71% (increasing 18.41% compared to that of 2015).

Youth in Dong Lai commune pioneer in promoting economic development

(HBO) - At the end of 2018, through the introduction of leaders of the People's Committee of Dong Lai commune, we visited an economic model in the commune which is already famous for red pomelo products.

Luong Son district seeks to increase number of insurance participants

(HBO) – More than 100 businesses in Luong Son district, northern Hoa Binh province were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first months of the year. Over 1,840 workers became unemployed. Therefore, the development of social insurance membership encounters a number of difficulties.

House full of farmers’ warmth

(HBO) - With part of its fund and donations of its staff and members, together with those of collectives and individuals, all levels of Hoa Binh province’s association of farmers have over the years carried out a programme helping poor farmers to settle down and overcome hardships.

Gifts presented to Agent Orange victims in Tan Lac district

(HBO) – The Red Cross Society of Tan Lac district and the district’s Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin visited and presented gifts to local victims on August 10.

The Red Cross of Tan Lac district has been promoting the humanitarian and the charitable work

(HBO) - Since the beginning of the year, the Red Cross of Tan Lac district has had many practical and spreading activities, targeting the people in difficult circumstances, especially in the time of Covid-19 epidemic.

Hoa Binh promotes lifelong learning to boost socio-economic development

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh People’s Committee has requested the provincial education promotion association to pilot projects that motivate learning in each family, each clan, each community and each unit in the districts of Cao Phong and Mai Chau.

Lac Son district looks towards comprehensive education reform

(HBO) – Implementing the Party Central Committee’s Resolution 29 on fundamental and comprehensive education and training reforms, and the resolution of the district Party congress in 2015-2020 tenure, the education sector in Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, has gained significant achievements in the field, as seen in improved education quality and better discipline and order at local schools.