(HBO) - On August 23, in Dan Hoa Commune, the Center for Employment Services (Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs) cooperated with Ky Son District People's Committee to organize a job transaction session. The session attracted nearly 500 people.

Cao Phong district holds gathering of all-daughter families

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial Department of Population and Family Planning has partnered with the steering committee for population and planning of Cao Phong district to hold a gathering of 40 local families whose children are all daughters with excellent academic performances.

Refresher courses held for teachers, education managers ahead of new academic year

(HBO) – The education and training divisions of all districts in Hoa Binh province have held training courses for teachers and education managers to ensure that they have deeper insight into the new general educational curriculum, which will be carried out from the 2020-2021 new academic year.

The youths of Kim Boi district have launched the "Green March" campaign

(HBO) - The Communist Youth Union of Kim Boi district has cooperated with the Communist Youth Union of the Provincial Police to organize a campaign of "Green March" campaign in Nuong Dam commune.

Developing a plan to implement the national strategy on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the province

(HBO) - On August 9, the Department of Health organized a conference to develop a plan to implement the national strategy on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the province until 2025. Mr. Bui Van Cuu, the Deputy Chairman of the People's Committee and the representative of the leaders from Vietnam Medical Association, the representatives of the World Health Organization, the leaders from the departments and the appropriate authorities in the province attended the conference.

2,000 people have participated in the Gala starting screening and managing thalassemia

(HBO) - MEDLATEC Hospital (Hanoi) collaborated with the Department of Health, the Provincial General Hospital to organize a Gala to start screening and managing thalassemia (also called congenital hemolysis) in Hoa Binh.

Health care workers strengthen physical strength for better performance

(HBO) – The health care sector is supposed to take the pioneering role in spreading the movement of physical exercise to people and the community. Therefore, the Health Minister issued Directive No. 06/CT-BYT on increasing physical practice in the sector.

Workshop shares experience in fighting human trafficking

(HBO) – The Women’s Union of Hoa Binh province held a workshop share experience in fighting human trafficking in response to the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Settling the social insurance for over 18,000 people

(HBO) - From the beginning of the year until now, the provincial Social Insurance has settled the social insurance regime for 18,516 turns of people. In particular, the settlement of the monthly social insurance is 641 people (the pensioners are 545 people, the death is 73 people, the regime of the occupational accidents and diseases are 9 people, the number of the labor loss allowance is 14 people).

Dung Phong commune builds model new-style rural residential areas

(HBO) – Dung Phong commune in Cao Phong district is the first locality in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh to be recognised as new-style rural area in 2014. The commune is exerting greater efforts to improve the quality of new-style rural area criteria, aiming to make all of its seven hamlets fulfil the standards of "model new-style rural residential areas and gardens.”

Hoa Binh students win gold medals at int’l invention contest

(HBO) - The 2019 World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) took place in Seoul, capital of the Republic of Korea (RoK), from July 25 to 27, drawing the participation of students from 22 nations and territories worldwide with 345 inventions in all scientific fields.

Spreading the movement of the volunteering blood donation

(HBO) - Currently, the movement of the volunteering blood donation has developed extensively in the province. This is one of the beautiful, strong and pervasive gestures in the community. In response to the movement, the union members and the workers of the industrial parks in the province have always actively participated in the programs of the volunteering blood donation such as "The Festival of the Pink Spring”, "The Day of blood donation of all people” in the past years.

Hoa Binh: Yen Tri commune maintains security in rural areas

(HBO) – Police in Yen Tri commune (Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province) have coordinated with relevant agencies to push ahead with the movement "All people protect national security” in order to ensure security and order in the locality.

New houses bring joy to revolution contributors

(HBO) – Thanks to financial support under the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 22/2013/QD-TTg, joy has come to many revolution contributors in Hoa Binh province as new houses have been built for them.

Vu Ban town works to simplify procedures, facilitate administrative transactions

(HBO) – Vu Ban town in Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, has solved on time 17,913 administrative procedures’ dossiers as well as publicised and reviewed 111 ones thanks to the implementation of administrative reform over the past two years.

Implementing the task of promoting education for the last 6 months

(HBO) - The provincial Association for Promoting Education has held a conference to preliminary review the activities of promoting education for the first 6 months of the year, deploying the tasks for the last 6 months of 2019. Attending the meeting were the representatives of the Associations for Promoting Education from the districts and the city, the Departments of Promoting Education from departments and the appropriate authorities and mass organizations of the province attended the conference.

Building trust among health insurance participants

(HBO) – Over the past years, many new health insurance policies have been issued to better serve health insurance participants. The provincial social insurance sector has coordinated with the Department of Health to organise initial medical check-ups and treatments covered by health insurance on the basis of the reality of each grassroots medical centre. Health insurance participants can register for initial medical check-up and treatment services based on the locations of their houses, as well as working and studying places.

Nearly 86.5 percent of Hoa Binh students eligible for high school graduation

(HBO) – As many as 86.48 percent of students from Hoa Binh province sitting the national high school examination in late June of this academic year are eligible for graduation.

The amusement park for children - a good know-how at the Health Center of Da Bac District

(HBO) - In order to help children feel at ease without fear when entering the hospital, the Health Center of Da Bac District in collaboration with the Communist Youth Union of Da Bac District has invested in the amusement park for children right at the hospital. This is a practical model and it has a deep sense of humanity because the treatment not only requires medicine but it also needs psychological and relaxation issues for patients.

Hoa Binh updates information on social and health insurance

(HBO) - The Social Security Agency of Hoa Binh province organised a conference to update periodic information about social insurance and health insurance.

More than 300 high school students have attended the conference to introduce the program to study abroad in Japan and Korea

(HBO) - On July 14, Tin Phat International Cooperation Investment Education joint Stock Company held a conference to introduce the program to study abroad in Japan and Korea. There were over 300 students from 28 high schools in the province attending the conference.

Promoting the application of information technology in schools

(HBO) - 100% of the educational institutions have been connected to the high-speed internet connection (82.6% have been connected to FTTH broadband connection, the rest is 3G), 84.4% of the educational institutions have been connected to LAN and wifi, 55% of the educational facilities have computer classrooms, 47% of the general educational facilities have multi-purpose projection rooms.

Expanding the model "Surveillance camera for security and traffic situation in Cao Phong district"

(HBO) - Mr. Bui The Thanh, Chief of Cao Phong district Police said: In September 2018, the district police investigated in Cao Phong town where 129 families installed cameras themselves. Cameras brought about effectiveness in preventing crimes. The district police proposed and on 24 September 2018, Cao Phong District People's Committee issued a Decision approving the investment policy for the project of installing cameras to monitor the security situation and traffic in Cao Phong district.

Vietnam becomes 15th most populous nation

Home to more than 96 million people, Vietnam has become the world’s 15th most populous nation and the third in Southeast Asia, the Central Population and Housing Census Steering Committee revealed at the online conference in Hanoi on July 11th.

The humanitarian and charitable activities have been contributing to ensuring the social security

(HBO) - Over the past years, the Red Cross at all levels in the province has always focused on improving the quality and the effectiveness of the humanitarian and charitable activities, paying attention to the health care and promoting the movement of voluntary blood donation.