(HBO) - More than a year has passed, the resettlement area, Dong Xe in Da hamlet, Yen Phu commune (Lac Son) has changed day by day. The spacious houses are planned to be built into stilt houses, the high-rise buildings have sprung up, people have been buying new appliances and equipment in their home. All have shown that spring is coming in the joy of the new life of the people here.

Van Nghia commune has been taking care of the life of the ethnic minorities

(HBO) - Being an extremely difficult commune of the province, however, in recent years, Van Nghia commune (Lac Son) has undergone a remarkable transformation in socio-economic development, the life of the ethnic minorities has been clearly improved. This result has been achieved due to the direction of the Party Committee and the communal authorities, directing the political system to achieve the goals of the sustainable poverty reduction. At the same time, the commune has effectively integrated the capital sources from the ethnic programs, projects and policies to invest in the essential infrastructure, serving the people's life and support the people in developing production and diversifying the livelihood.

Cao Phong district intensifies preventive measures against COVID-19 at historic sites

(HBO) - As a large number of people are flocking to historic and religious sites as a tradition after the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, Cao Phong district is taking more drastic measures to increase people’s awareness of the COVID-19 and strengthen preventive measures against the disease at these places.

Da Bac take care of residents ahead of Tet holiday

(HBO) - As the 2021 Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday draws near, Hoa Binh’s mountainous district of Da Bac has carried out activities to help poor people enjoy Tet, ensuring social welfare in the locality.

Hoa Binh province works to prevent COVID-19 pandemic

(HBO) - The provincial People’s Committee on January 29 issued Document No.149/UBND-KGVX on implementation of the Prime Minister’s Directive No.05/CT-TTg and the Ministry of Health’sNo.95/CD-BYT dated January 28 on COVID-19 prevention.

Giving 100 sets of Tet gifts to the poor households in Tu Son commune

(HBO) - On January 28th, at the cultural house of Dup hamlet, Tu Son commune (Kim Boi), the Provincial Fatherland Front coordinated with the delegation of 216 joint Stock Company and donors from Hanoi City to give 100 sets of Tet gifts to the poor households in the commune. Each gift includes cash and a bag of cakes and candies, and cooking oil.

Hoa Binh: 360 Tet gift packages presented to disadvantaged people

(HBO) - The standing board of the Fatherland Front Committee of Hoa Binh province on January 18 allocated 360 packages of Tet gifts to 18 agencies, units, socio-political organisations, with total funding of 216 million VND.

Giving 114 sets of Tet gifts to the poor households and the households with difficult circumstances in Da Bac district

(HBO) - On January 15, the leaders from the Provincial Fatherland Front, the Provincial Confederation of Labor and Da Bac district awarded and handed over 114 sets of Tet gifts to the poor households in Toan Son commune and the workers, the officials and the laborers in the area of Da Bac district.

Ngu hamlet enjoys positive changes

(HBO) - Ngu hamlet in Hien Luong commune of Da Bac district is home to the four ethnic groups of Dao, Muong, Tay and Kinh, with 87 households and 410 members. Over the past years, local people have been united and joined hands in building cultural residential areas.

Dong Nhat hamlet - a model of the new rural residential area

(HBO) - Dong Nhat village, Dung Phong commune (Cao Phong) is a newly merged hamlet. With the consent of the people, the hamlet has succeeded in building a model of new rural residential area.

Tet gifts for poor ethnic minority people in Mai Chau

(HBO) – The provincial committee for ethnic minority affairs on January 12, in coordination with the People’s Committee of Mai Chau district, conveyed greetings and presented gifts to administrations and ethnic minority people in the district on the occasion of the traditional New Year Festival of Mong ethnic minority and the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Strengthening women, girls’ role in gender-based violene prevention, combat

(HBO) - The Women’s Union of Hoa Binh province on December 30 held a meeting to summarise a project of enhancing the role of women and girls in preventing and combating gender-based violations. The event drew leaders of provincial departments and sectors as well as four district and 16 communes covered by the project.

Nearly 1,000 children, teenagers, young adults benefit from child protection project in Hoa Binh

(HBO) – Close to 1,000 children, teenagers and young adults have benefited from a project on Strengthening Local Child Protection System Effectiveness from 2017 – 2020.

Winter volunteer campaign 2020 launched in Cao Phong

(HBO) – Cao Phong district’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has collaborated with the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, provincial Public Security Department’s Women’s Union, Red Cross Society and VNPT Hoa Binh to organise the launching of the Winter Volunteer Campaign 2020 and the Spring Volunteer Campaign 2021 in Thach Yen commune.

84 citizens returning from Malaysia finish concentrated quarantine

(HBO) - Hoa Binh province’s steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control, in collaboration with the provincial Centre for Disease Control, on December 23 granted certificates to 84 Vietnamese citizens returning from Malaysia, recognizing them complete concentrated quarantine at Regimen 814 of the provincial Military Command.

The inauguration of the project of “Dynamic Vietnam” playground

(HBO) - On December 20th, at the People's Committee of Tay Phong commune, the Youth Communist Union coordinated with the Youth Communist Union of Cao Phong District and Nestle Vietnam Company Limited (the sponsor) to hold the inauguration of the project of "Dynamic Vietnam” playground.

The provincial Women''s Union: Awarding over 207 million VND to support the people in Central Vietnam

(HBO) - In the afternoon of December 18th, at the headquarters of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, the leaders of the provincial Women's Union awarded 207,363 million VND to support the people in the Central region to overcome the consequences of the natural disasters.

Hoa Binh city: Spreading the movement of Good People, good deeds, and advanced examples

(HBO) - As one of the 7 contents of the movement "All people unite to build a cultural life”, over the past years, the movement of Good People, good deeds, and advanced examples in Hoa Binh City has been approved by the Party committees and the authorities at all levels, and people from all classes have actively participated in and responded to, which has been becoming a vibrant emulation movement and strongly spreading.

A New life in Yen Hoa

(HBO) - Coming back to Yen Hoa commune (Da Bac) in the last days of the year, there is the feelings of revival in the poor countryside after the historic flood in 2017. The economy has been better developing. The traffic system has been repaired and the essential infrastructure works have been paid attention to. In 2020, the average income is estimated at 28.3 million VND per person, and the rate of the poor household accounts for 36.8%. The people's life has gradually been stabilized, the income has improved, contributing to promoting the local socio-economic development.

Yen Thuy sees effective movement of national security protection

(HBO) – In 2020, under the comprehensive leadership of the steering committee for the movement "All people safeguard national security, preventing criminals and social evils” (Steering Committee 09) of Yen Thuy district has directed, the district has achieved fruitful results, according to Chairman of the district People’s Committee Bui Van Hai, who is also head of the committee.

Hoa Binh city presents 2,000 gifts to flood victims in central region

(HBO) – A 15-member delegation from Hoa Binh city, including leaders of the city’s Fatherland Front Committee, Red Cross Society, wards and communes, on November 25 left for the central region to present 2,000 gifts valued 1 billion VND (43,200 USD) to flood-hit Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces

Luong Son district: Over 1 billion VND to support the people of Central Vietnam

(HBO) - In the face of the floods causing serious consequences in the central provinces, the Fatherland Front of Luong Son district called on agencies, units, businesses, individuals, and philanthropists in the district to join hands to support the people so that they could overcome the consequences of the natural disasters. By November 27, the Relief Committee - Fatherland Front of the district received 973,581 million VND in cash. In addition, a number of collectives and volunteering groups directly supported the people with goods and necessities.

Detention camp library inspires inmates toward the good

(HBO) – A library was established inside the detention centre of the Hoa Binh provincial police three years ago, aiming to educate and inspire inmates towards the good. The library, set up by the provincial library and the police department in June 2017, is part of a joint programme signed between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Public Security in 2014. The programme facilitates the two ministries’ coordination in organising cultural and sport events at prisions, detention centres, compulsory educational establishments and juvies across the country.

17 returnees from Russia complete COVID-19 quarantine

(HBO) – Seventeen Vietnamese citizens returning from Russia have been discharged after completing the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine in Hoa Binh province.