At 8 a.m. on July 17th, the Ministry of Education and Training announced the results of the 2024 high school graduation exams. This is the final exam for the students following the 2006 general education program.

Hoa Binh upholds role of reputable individuals in promoting gender equality

A workshop on promoting the role of reputable individuals and religious dignitaries in popularising and promoting gender equality in ethnic minorities and mountainous areas was held by the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) in Hoa Binh province on July 16.

Hoa Binh priorities resources to support production in ethnic minority areas

Hoa Binh province has 145 out of the 151 communes, wards, and towns which are ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas, 506 communes facing extreme difficulties, and more than 74% of its population being ethnic minority people.

The woman who creates jobs for tens of locals

Creating on-site jobs for rural women lies in the heart of the operation of the Women's Union of Lac Thinh commune in Yen Thuy district. Bui Thi Tien, 44, of the Muong ethnic group, a member of the women's union of Sau hamlet in Lac Thinh commune, has boldly sought and created jobs for many women to increase their income and improve their families' living standards.

Cao Phong district works to improve living conditions of ethnic minority people

Defining socio-economic development and effective implementation of policies on ethnic affairs in the locality has been a continuous and crucial task during 2019-2024 period, the Party Committee and People's Committee of Cao Phong district have focused on leadership in executing these tasks, achieving positive results. The material and spiritual lives of people in ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas have gradually improved while rural area has gained a face-lift.

Education sector contributes to building new-style rural areas

Hoa Binh’s education and training sector is implementing concerted measures to better the quality of education and training, proactively implementing the national target programme on new rural area building.

Developing prosperous, progressive, equal, happy “cells of society”

Family is the home of each person and the cell of a society. It also plays a significant role in the formation and development of each person’s personality. On May 4, 2001, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 72/2001/QD-TTg, designating June 28 as the Vietnamese Family Day. Over the past years, Hoa Binh province has carried out a number of activities to honour the family traditions and help develop prosperous, progressive, equal, happy "cells of society”.

Nearly 1,700 volunteers have participated in the “Supporting the exam season”

During the two days of June 27th - 28th, 38 "Supporting the exam season” teams with nearly 1,700 volunteers were present at 38 exam sites in the province to support more than 9,800 candidates taking the exam at the High School Graduation Exam in 2024.

The national high school graduation exam in Hoa Binh province takes place seriously according to the regulations

On June 28th, the candidates in Hoa Binh province at 38 testing sites entered the second as well as the final testing day of the 2024 High School Graduation Exam.

Over 9,800 Hoa Binh students take high school graduation exam

Together with the more than 1 million students across the country, more than 9,800 students in Hoa Binh entered the first day of the 2024 high school graduation exam in the morning of June 27. They took the literature exam in the morning and maths in the afternoon.

Hoa Binh strive to take care of ethnic minority children

Over the past years, authorities of all levels, sectors and localities of Hoa Binh province have always paid attention to the protection, care and education of children in special and difficult circumstances, and those in disadvantaged and ethnic minority areas.

Cao Phong district works to promote gender equality

The Women’s Union of Cao Phong district has carried out many practical activities under the project "implementing gender equality and solving urgent problems of women and children” under the national target programme for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas for 2021-2030. The first phase of the project is rolled out in Cao Phong dictrict in 2021-2025 period.

Lac Son district ensures social welfare for local residents

Lac Son district has paid due attention to ensuring social welfare for people who rendered service to the nation and social protection beneficiaries.

Spreading good values from the Campaign of Summer Volunteer Youth

With the spirit of youth volunteering for the community, the 2024 Campaign of Summer Volunteer Youth is taking place vibrantly with the practical and meaningful projects and tasks, attracting the participation of a large number of union members and young people in the province. The campaign has been actively contributing to the socio-economic development, building the new rural areas and civilized cities, ensuring the social security, and spreading good values in the community.

Hoa Binh reviews ChildFund-supported educational activities

The Department of Education and Training of Hoa Binh province hosted a seminar on June 13 to evaluate activities supported by ChildFund in Vietnam and review the innovation of preschool and primary education in the locality in 2023-2024.

Arousing the role of women in building new rural areas

In recent years, the emulation movement "Women join hands to build new rural areas” has attracted the officials and women members in the province to participate in many good practices and meaningful activities. The movement has contributed to changing the face of the rural areas, contributing positively to local socio-economic development.

Arousing the reading culture for children

Summer vacation is an opportunity for children to have fun and participate in relaxing and entertaining activities. The library is one of the places many parents choose to take their children to every summer vacation. Grasping that need, in recent times, the Provincial Library has innovated its operating methods, improving the quality of serving the young readers, contributing to forming and nurturing the reading habit for children.

High school entrance exam ends with safety, quality, compliance

The entrance examination for public high schools has concluded in the province, with the majority of candidates observing that the exam papers closely followed the secondary school curriculum but varied in difficulty level.

Emulation movements help improve Mai Chau farmers’ income

Various emulation movements have been rolled out in Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province over the past years, encouraging local farmers to promote business and production for sustainable poverty alleviation as well as restructuring of crops and livestock for better incomes. The movements have attracted enthusiastic response from members of the district farmers’ union, particularly ethnic people.

Hoa Binh creates jobs for senior women in ethnic minority areas

Senior women in rural and ethnic minority areas are considered an abundant labour workforce, as people in the working age have often worked far away from home in recent years. Therefore, many units, departments, sectors and cooperatives in Hoa Binh have worked with enterprises inside and outside the province to generate jobs for the local women.

Settlement project brings facelift to ethnic minority, mountainous areas

The northern province of Hoa Binh has over 74% of its population belonging to ethnic minority groups, who mainly reside in remote, far-flung, and disadvantaged areas. Therefore, the implementation of Project 2 on planning, arranging, and settling residential areas under the National Target Programme for Socio-Economic Development in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas is important in building a better living environment for locals.

Hoa Binh moves to restore land, fight drought, desertification

The World Environment Day (June 5), launched by the UN Environment Programme, has been celebrated in Vietnam since 1982 and become a nationwide movement, helping raise public awareness of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, and climate change response. This year, the day is themed "Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience”. All-level Party Committees and administrations in Hoa Binh province continue to view improving awareness, restoring land, and fighting drought and desertification as an indispensable part of the socio-economic development plan and an important task during the sustainable development process.

MoH inspects provision of vitamin A for children in Cao Phong district

A working delegation from the Ministry of Health led by Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen inspected the provision of vitamin A for children in Cao Phong district on June 1.

The Public Security of Lac Son district has been joining hands for the community life

Right on the occasion of the 134th anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday (May 19th, 1890 - May 19th, 2024), the Public Security of Lac Son District organized a donation of breeding cows to the two families in extremely difficult circumstances: Mr. Bui Van Quyet's household from Trang Doi hamlet, Yen Phu commune; Mrs. Bui Thi Dien's household from Com street, Vu Ban town.

Launching the Volunteering Youth Campaign in the summer of 2024

In the morning of May 29th, at the Cultural House of Lac Son district, the Provincial Youth Communist Union - Vietnam Youth Union of the province held the launching ceremony of the Volunteering Youth Campaign in the summer of 2024, responding to the peak day of the new rural construction. There was the attendance of Mr. Bui Van Luyen, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front.