(HBO) - The Steering Committee for the campaign of Covid-19 vaccination has just issued the Expedited Official Letter No. 1846/CV-BCD on speeding up the 40th phase of vaccination and the booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine (nose 3) for children aged from 12 to 17 years old.

Renewed communication models helps improve population''s quality

(HBO) - Recognising the role of communication in population and family planning programmes, Hoa Binh province's Sub-department of Population and Family Planning has coordinated with agencies and socio-political organisations in carrying out information dissemination models in the new situation, Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, its director, has said.

My Thanh commune boosts implementation of Gov’t project on electronic population database application

(HBO) – Recently, relevant units of the Hoa Binh provincial Department of Public Security have worked with the police of Lac Son district and My Thanh commune to boost the dissemination and implementation of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 06/QD-TTg, which approved the project on applying electronic population database, identification, and authentication to serve national digital transformation in the 2022 - 2025 period, with a vision to 2030 (Project 06/CP), in tandem with the "All people protect the Fatherland’s security” movement in My Thanh.

Tu Ly - the innovated countryside

(HBO) - Tu Ly commune (Da Bac) is an area merged between the two communes, Tu Ly and Hao Ly according to Resolution No. 830/NQ-UBTVQH14 of the National Assembly Standing Committee. The beginning stage of the new commune, along with the influence of Covid-19 pandemics has affected the socio-economic development and people's life. However, with the consensus and efforts of both the political system and the people to overcome difficulties, this place is being renewed day by day.

Announcing the results of the entrance exam to grade 10 at Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted

(HBO) - In the morning of June 9, the results (phase 1) of the entrance exam to grade 10 at Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted in the school year of 2022 - 2023 were announced. Through this exam, Hoang Van Thu school recruited 500 new 10th grade students, which were allotted into 12 specialized classes, 1 non-specialist class in Nature, 1 non-specialized class in Foreign Languages. In 3 days (from 4-6 June), the exams were held in a safe, objective way and in compliance with regulations.

COVID-19 vaccination should be accelerated

(HBO) - The Steering Committee for COVID-19 Vaccination of Hoa Binh province held a meeting on June 9 to deploy the injection of the vaccine in June. Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Toan, who is head of the steering committee, chaired the event.

Spreading the humanitarian “Godmother” program

(HBO) - The "Godmother” program has been implemented to support and nurture the orphaned children due to Covid-19 epidemics launched by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union with the humanitarian meaning of both easing the pain and becoming a strong destination so that the children can overcome the difficult situations and create conditions for their comprehensive development. The Provincial Women's Union has developed a plan and launched it to all of the cadres and the women members and connected with other organizations and individuals to get the participation and hand joining of the whole society.

Vinh Tien Commune: Diversifying the channels supporting the reduction of sustainable poverty

(HBO) - Besides Kim Duc hamlet and hamlet 168 developing small business and trading services, in Vinh Tien commune (Kim Boi) there are 6 hamlets mainly engaged in agricultural and forestry production, the economic life of many households is still difficult. In 2021, the commune's per capita income reached 33.2 million VND, the poor households according to the multidimensional poverty line in the period of 2016-2021 is 27.9%, and the near-poor households is 10.9%.

Implementing the program “Expanding the scale of the rural clean water and sanitation based on the output” with the loans from the World Bank

(HBO) - In the afternoon of June 3, the Department of Health held a conference to implement the program "Expanding the scale of the rural clean water and sanitation based on the output” with the loans from the World Bank.

High schools ready for entrance exams

(HBO) - High schools in Hoa Binh province are working hard on the preparation for the organisation of the upcoming entrance exams in the 2022-2023 academic year in the locality.

Lac Son strives for sustainable poverty reduction

(HBO) – Lac Son district is striving to reduce its rate of poor households to 20.05 percent by the end of 2022. The rate at the end of 2021 was 24.13 percent.

English-language contest creates useful playground for primary students

(HBO) – A primary-level English-language contest was organised in Hoa Binh province in the 2021 – 2022 academic year, creating a useful playground for local pupils in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Another 65,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine allocated to Hoa Binh

(HBO) – According to Decision No. 443/QD-VSDTTU, dated May 16, 2022, on the 146th and 147th phases of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology will allocate 307,710 doses of the Comirnaty/Pfizer-BionTech vaccine donated by the Australian Government in the 146th phase, and 6,767,496 doses of this vaccine bought by using the State budget together with 1,179,330 ampoules of solvent to provinces and cities nationwide. Hoa Binh province will be provided with 65,520 vaccine doses and 10,920 solvent ampoules.

Hoa Binh launches 2022 action month for children

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial Department of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Hoa Binh city People’s Committee held a ceremony on May 24 to launch this year’s action month for children, themed ‘joining hands to protect children, raising voice to prevent and fight child abuse’. Attending the event was Nguyen Van Toan, Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee and head of the provincial Steering Committee for child protection.

Hoa Binh celebrates Buddha’s 2,566th birthday

(HBO) - The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and Hoa Binh Chapter held a ritual on May 10 to commemorate the 2,556th birthday of Lord Buddha at Phat Quang Pagoda in Hoa Binh City. Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council Bui Duc Hinh was in attendance.

Over 9,000 COVID-19 vaccine shots administered to children from 5 to 12 years old

(HBO) - As of 4pm on May 4, Hoa Binh province had recorded 32 new COVID-19 cases. Six of its 10 cities and districts, however, recorded no new cases.

Students receive national recognition as “Excellent”

(HBO) – Three students at the top of their game in Hoa Binh province recently received national recognition as excellent students under the Ministry of Education and Training’s national exam results.

Lending people with disabilities a helping hand

(HBO) - A host of activities are being held nationwide on Vietnam’s Day for the Disabled, with northern Hoa Binh province host to several events.

Cooperatives creating stable jobs for hundreds of workers in Lac Son district

(HBO) - Lac Son district in Hoa Binh province currently has 44 cooperatives with a total of 579 members. All of its cooperatives flexibly adapt to market changes and have created regular employment with stable incomes for about 700 workers.

Lifting Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted to the regional level

(HBO) - On the morning of April 24, a breaking ground ceremony was held for the construction of the new Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted in Dan Chu ward, Hoa Binh city. The construction is evidence of the province’s determination to invest in and develop the school into a high-quality education centre.

Phu Lai Commune: Building a model new-style rural area

(HBO) - Resolution No. 11 of the Executive Committee of the Party Organisation of Phu Lai Commune, Yen Thuy district for the 2020-2025 term will see a target set to develop a model rural area in Phu Lai commune.

Boosting STEM education and digital transformation in rural areas

(HBO) – An internet connection and Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform was all two seventh graders needed to use Micro:bit language on their laptop to perfect their latest STEM science project.

Efforts made to make ethnic minority boarding schools become “incubators”

(HBO) - After much effort, Bui Thi Hong Tuyet, a Grade 12 student at the Provincial Ethnic Boarding High School, and three other students won two third prizes and one consolation prize at the National Excellent Student selection Contest in the 2021-2022 academic year. This is the most outstanding achievement among ethnic minority high schools around the country.

Impoverished households in Cao Phong get new homes

(HBO) – The Fatherland Front Committee of Cao Phong district has mobilised community support to build houses for families in need, improving livelihoods and constructing a new-style rural area.

Announcing the Vietnamese heritage trees for five Terminalia myriocarpa Henrila in Da Bac district

(HBO) - In the morning of April 22nd, at the Management Board of Phu Canh Nature Reserve (Da Bac), a ceremony announcing the Vietnam's heritage tree for a population of 5 Terminalia Myriocarpa Henrila (the local name is Phay tree) took place. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai, the Vice Chairman of Vietnam Heritage Tree Council and the leaders from the Provincial Department of Forest Protection and Da Bac district attended the announcement ceremony.