(HBO) - Recently, the football movement in Hoa Binh city has become more exciting with the tournaments organized by the cooperation and contribution of the business community, the organizations and the individuals who are passionate about football. Thereby, it helps promoting the development of football movement, building the environment of professional sports, connecting all ages through a ball.

The “gold hunting” faces for Hoa Binh sports

(HBO) - In 2020, with the attention of all levels and the appropriate authorities and the consensus of the people, our province's sport has achieved strong development. In particular, the High Achievement Sports won a total of 31 medals of all kinds, including 11 gold medals 6 silver medals and 14 bronze medals. The precious medals that the athletes have won are the solid foundation, the motivation for the sportsmen in the whole province to confidently step on the difficult road and challenge ahead.

The endless passion for hip-hop breaking

(HBO) - Breaking - an art with the street dancing style is not only a combination of strong, flexible and dynamic movements on a vibrant music background, but it is also a playground showing personality, youthful style, which currently attracts a large number of young people in Hoa Binh City to participate. Over the years, the young group of Candy Crew has always been passionate about keeping their passion, growing up and actively participating in a number of competitions and they have gradually been asserting themselves with this street art.

Promoting the development of high-achievement sports

(HBO) - On October 30, 2017, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Assembly issued Resolution No. 18 on " The Development of High - Achievement Sports in Hoa Binh in the period of 2017 - 2020, with a vision to 2030”. The Resolution has been expected to have positive changes in the province's high-achievement sports.

Hoa Binh enhances role of all-level Party committees, authorities in developing high-performance sports

(HBO) - The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee issued Conclusion No. 08/KL-TU, dated November 30, 2020 reviewing the 3-year implementation of its Resolution No. 18-NQ/TU issued on October 30, 2017 on developing high-performance sports in Hoa Binh province in the 2017-2020 period, with a vision to 2030.

Culture, sport movements spread in Lac Thinh commune

(HBO) – The culture house in Lac Thinh commune, Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province has been the gathering place for many local residents who love sports every afternoon. The elderly often play soft volleyball and do exercise, children play football, and youngsters and women play volleyball.

Thach Yen commune has been promoting the development of mass sports movement

(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "Everybody do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho example”, the movement of mas sports in Thach Yen commune (Cao Phong) has been exciting with many rich and diverse activities, attracting people of all ages to actively participate in daily practice. Thereby, it has been contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life, increasing solidarity among the people, and creating a vibrant emulation atmosphere to successfully complete the tasks and goals of the local socio-economic development.

The movement of mass sports has been flourishing

(HBO) - If the year of 2019 is a fairly successful year of high-achievement sports, the year of 2020 is a prosperous year for the provincial movement of mass sports. In the past time, the sector of Culture, Sports and Tourism together with other departments, branches, unions, localities, the People of ethnic groups in the province have made efforts and determination to make the movement of sports and physical training strongly develop.

Fitness dancing - a fun and healthy playground for the middle and the elderly

(HBO) - In recent times, fitness dancing dancing has been more and more popular because of its suitability, as well as the positive effects this sport brings. On the background of the exciting and joyful music, it not only helps improve the health, but it is also a funny and healthy playground strengthening the morale for middle and elderly people.

16 clubs have attended the Provincial Tennis Championship in 2020

(HBO) - At the tennis court of Sao Mai Entertainment Center, the Provincial Tennis Federation in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the Provincial Tennis Championship in 2020.

Chi Dao commune: Spreading the movement of sports and physical training

(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "All people actively train their bodies according to the example of the great Uncle Ho”, the movement of sports and physical training in Chi Dao commune (Lac Son) has been vibrantly and widely developed.

Promoting the movement of mass sports and physical training

(HBO) - The movement of mass sports and physical training has strongly developed with many diverse forms, expanding to most subjects and areas, attracting a large number of people to participate. In 2011, the number of people regularly practicing gymnastics was 25% of the population, the number of sports households reached 17%, and there were 505 clubs at the grassroots levels that maintain regular activities. 

The new way of Hoa Binh weightlifting

(HBO) - Having been officially put into practice since 2013, there were only 1 teacher and 5 students in the gifted weightlifting class in the early days. With the initial difficulties and obstacles, the teacher and the students of the weightlifting class have overcome together, and they have gradually been asserting their talents with the typical faces like Bui Thi Luyen, Bui Hoang Son.

Rugby entertains rural children, youngsters

(HBO) – Arriving in some localities in Tan Lac and Kim Boi districts, many will be surprised to find that local children play rugby, a team sport that is popular in many foreign countries, including the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

There are 230 mini football fields in the whole province

(HBO) - In recent years, the sports facilities in the province have been invested and built to meet the practice needs of the local people as well as to organize tournaments. In particular, there has been a strong socialization, more and more private-invested sports facilities have appeared, especially mini football fields.

Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup wraps up successfully

(HBO) - The 29th Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup, a traditional cross-country run, took place at the Truong Han Sieu street in Hoa Binh City’s Tan Thinh ward on November 14. The event attracted the participation of 110 athletes from 16 delegations of localities, high schools, and training centres in Hoa Binh province.

Celebrating 10 years of the establishment of the Provincial Gifted School for Sports Training and Competition

(HBO) - On November 18th, at the Provincial Cultural Palace, the Provincial Gifted School for Sports Training and Competition held the 10th anniversary of the school's establishment (2010 - 2020).

Shining the passion for sports in the upland commune of Ngo Luong

(HBO) - At the Olympic Running Day for the health of the entire population and the Traditional Marathon Tournament of Tan Lac District in 2020, the sports team of Ngo Luong commune continued to stand at the top. The spirit of sports practicing and training following the example of the great Uncle Ho, the passion aroused in all classes of the people have helped the upland sports shine more brightly.

Tan Lac District organizes the Olympic Running Day for the entire people’s health and the traditional Marathon Tournament in 2020

(HBO) - On November 6th, the People's Committee of Tan Lac district held the launching ceremony of the Olympic Running Day for the entire people's health and the traditional Marathon Tournament in 2020. The leaders of Hoa Binh Newspaper, the District People's Committee and the representatives from the departments, the branches and the unions of the district attended it.

Mai Chau district: Paying attention to developing the movement of sports and physical training

(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "The entire people train their bodies following the great example of Uncle Ho”, in recent years, the movement of sports and physical training in the district has been developing, bringing the practical results.

The steam volleyball tournament for the elderly in Kim Boi district in 2020

(HBO) - On November 4th, at the district's Cultural House, the Elderly Association of Kim Boi district coordinated with the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Information to hold the award ceremony for the 5th Steam Volleyball tournament for the Elderly in 2020.

A friendly football match to support for the people in the flooded Central regions of Vietnam with 20 million VND

(HBO) - The Youth Communist Union of Hoa Binh city coordinated with the Organizing Committee Football for 7th Stadium of Hoa Binh City to organize a voluntarily football match to raise money and support the flooded victims in the Central of Vietnam.

Ensuring the conditions for the sports and physical training in the rainy season

(HBO) - All the sports requiring large space to practice such as volleyball, soccer, cycling, nourishing...have to pause because it is erratic rainy or sunny. The rainy season is also a worry and concern of the sports trainers.

The exciting sports movement in the highland commune of Van Son

(HBO) - The seven-person football championship of Van Son commune (Tan Lac) was held in the middle of last September. The stadium is always full of the spectators to cheer and witness fierce and attractive matches. The mass sports movement has really created a wide spread in the residential community, making the people closer together. Thereby, it has been promoting the movement of training the body to follow the example of the great Uncle Ho, which has been creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere and successfully completing the tasks and goals.

The 4th cycling race “Connecting big arms” of the North in 2020 held in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - Celebrating the success of the 17th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee for the term of 2020-2025, proceeding to the XIII National Congress of the Party, on October 18, the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperated with the Federation of Vietnam sports motorbike to hold the 4th cycling race "Connecting big arms” of the North in 2020. Mr. Bui Duc Hinh, the Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, the Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, the leaders of Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and 428 athletes from 57 bicycle sports clubs in the North attended the race.