(HBO) - In the opening ceremony and the day the all people take children to school in the school year 2019 - 2020, thousands of gifts and scholarships were awarded to poor students.

Hoa Binh puts into use three transport projects

(HBO) – Realising the public investment plan for the 2016-2020 period, the Hoa Binh Department of Transport has invested in nine transport projects worth over 1.97 trillion VND (84.71 million USD). Of the total, three have become operational, including the upgrading of provincial Road 440 from Km0-Km2; the construction of Suoi Hoa bridge at Km29+200 of Road 433; and the settlement of erosion at Km5+350.

Tuan Lo Commune: Happiness from the "Great Solidarity" houses

(HBO) - With the officials of the Fatherland Front Committee of Tuan Lo Commune (Tan Lac), we visited Mr. Bach Cong Hai's family in Ban Doi hamlet, the poor household was supported to build and hand over the "Great Solidarity" house in October 2018. The happiness is present on his face. Having a new home, his family can ease the difficulties and hardship to have the peace of mind to live and develop economy, improving the quality of life.

ChildFund Korea handed over 6 classrooms to Phu Vinh Primary School

(HBO) - ChildFund Korea held a handover ceremony and put into use the classroom, kitchen and playground with a total value of nearly 3 billion VND for Phu Vinh Primary School, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh province.

Hoa Binh works to tackle Thalassemia

(HBO) – Thalassemia is the most common inherited blood disorder, causing heavy consequences for both the patients and their families. Hoa Binh province has a high rate of people carrying out the disease in their genes.

Lac Son district’s armed forces take care of poor students

(HBO) – Armed forces in Lac Son district have organized a range of humanitarian and practical activities, helping hundreds of local poor students access schooling.

Yen Thuy district diversifies activities to support poor people

(HBO) - Yen Thuy district is home to seven ethnic groups living together, including 49,239 ethnic minority people, making up 69.53 percent of the district’s population. In recent years, Yen Thuy has stepped up the implementation of programmes, projects and policies to support ethnic minority areas, including the mobilisation of resources for socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh province creates jobs for about 12,100 employees

(HBO) - From the beginning of the year until now, the functional agency has continued to coordinate with localities in the province to organize work sessions and online job exchanges with other provinces and cities in the country.

Hoa Binh General Hospital organizes "Kind Mid-Autumn Festival”

(HBO) - In the evening of September 12, Hoa Binh General Hospital collaborated with sponsors to organize the "Kind Mid-Autumn Festival” for children undergoing treatment at the Hospital.

Tan Lac District has been taking care of improving the lives of the ethnic minorities

(HBO) - There are 8,500,000 people in Tan Lac district, of which nearly 7,400 people are ethnic minorities. According to the review of ethnic minority and the mountainous areas in the period of 2016-2020, the district has 14 communes belonging to Region III, 8 communes belonging to Region II and 2 communes belonging to Region I; among the communes belonging to Region II, there are 16 villages with extremely difficult circumstances.

Charity groups give 700 gifts to pupils of Dong Chum commune

(HBO) - On the occasion of Mid-Autumn festival, the Hoa Binh charity club in collaboration with Hanoi charitable team organized the program "Love Mid-Autumn festival" in 2019 for pupils in Dong Chum commune (Da Bac district).

Improving the effectiveness of the Child Protection Committee

(HBO) - The provincial Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has collaborated with the World Vision in Vietnam to organize a Workshop to improve the effectiveness of the Child Protection Committee and to prepare a plan on the Provincial Child Protection in 2020. There are 76 representatives from 11 districts and the city, the Head and the Management staff of 8 project communes in 4 districts including Mai Chau, Lac Son, Yen Thuy and Da Bac attending the workshop.

Building green-clean-beautiful medical facilities, towards satisfaction of patients

(HBO) – The movement to build green-clean-beautiful medical facilities in line with the Ministry of Health (MoH)’s Decision No. 3638/QD-BYT dated July 15 has received the constructive response of medical establishments across the province. The movement has contributed to improving health services and creating a safe environment for patients and health workers, towards professionalism, modernity and hospitality.

Provincial leader attends launch of new academic year at Tan Lac High School

(HBO) - The Tan Lac High School, based in Tan Lac district of Hoa Binh province, held a ceremony on September 4 to mark the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, receive the national-standard school certificate and celebrate its 45th founding anniversary.

A new life in the village of Dao ethnic people, Tu Son commune

(HBO) - Tu Son commune is located in the northwest of Kim Boi district. There are 5 ethnic groups living together, in which, the Dao ethnic group accounts for 21% including Dao Tien and Dao Quan Chet.

Yen Thuy district is ready for the new school year

(HBO) - Along with other districts and the city in the province, more than 14,500 students and over 1,300 officers, teachers, and educational and training staff of Yen Thuy district have been happy, excited and confident to enter the new school year 2019 -2020 since early August.

Effectiveness of foreign NGO-funded projects in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - The standing board of the provincial Party Committee on August 29 issued Directive 36-CT/TU on strengthening the Party’s leadership of foreign non-governmental organization (NGO) affairs in Hoa Binh (Directive 36). The implementation of the document has helped enhance the awareness and knowledge of officials and Party members as well as locals in the province on the viewpoint and policy of the Party, and laws of the State on the issue.

3 days of public holidays, no traffic accidents occurred throughout Hoa Binh province

(HBO) - On 3 holidays (August 29 - September 2, 2019), no traffic accidents occurred in Hoa Binh province. The task of ensuring security and order in Hoa Binh province in coordination with functional forces, police of districts and cities has been strengthened.

The Red Cross of Tan Lac district has a variety of volunteering activities

(HBO) - Promoting the humanitarian and charity work, all levels of the Red Cross of Tan Lac district have organized many exciting, practical and widespread activities, targeting the people with difficult circumstances in the area, helping ease the difficulties in life.

Second phase of poverty reduction project in Hoa Binh wraps up

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee on August 27 held a conference to wrap up the second phase of a project on poverty reduction.

Caring for children with difficult circumstances before the new school year
The Communist Youth Union Lac Thuy district:

(HBO) - In recent years, The Communist Youth Union Lac Thuy District has been paying attention to the social security work. At this time, along with the implementation of the final activities in the volunteer campaign of the summer 2019, the committees of the Communist Youth Union throughout the district has actively mobilized the resources and has collaborated with other departments, sectors, unions and businesses in the locality to help students with difficult circumstances, providing more confidence and motivation for them before the new school year.

Hoa Binh City: Actively responding to the movement of building a learning society

(HBO) - Currently there have been 275 clubs of community development in Hoa Binh, some of which such as the Teachers’ Art Club in Huu Nghi Ward, the Club of Community Development in Tan Thinh Ward, the Nursing Club in Thinh Lang ward and so on are typical and active.

The loan program for the clean water and the environmental sanitation: Improving the quality of people''s lives

(HBO) - The loan program for the clean water and the environmental sanitation of the Bank for Social Policies (BSP), which has been implemented since 2005, has helped people improve their lives, especially in rural areas. From the end of September 2018, the Prime Minister has approved, increasing the maximum loan for the program from 6 million VND each project to 10 million VND for a project (each household can borrow capital for 2 construction works), better meeting the people's needs.

Ending the rewarding summer vacation

(HBO) - After more than 2 months of summer vacation, all students in Hoa Binh province have returned to school, ending the rest and relaxation time.

Lac Son district is ready to enter the new school year 2019 - 2020

(HBO) - Lac Son district currently has 69 schools, 202 school sites, 1,194 class groups and over 32,300 students. The district had a plan to organize the opening ceremony of the new school year and the festival to bring children to school in the 2019-2020 school year.