(HBO) - Continuing to implement Directive No. 05 of the Political Bureau on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, the Standing Committee of Kim Boi District instructed the local branches and Party Committees to seriously learn specific subjects of years.

The Youth Union of the Government Branch of Kim Boi District performs voluntary Saturday to settle administrative procedures for people.

After learning, based on the situation, each Party organization, cadre and Party member registered the content "Learn and follow Ho Chi Minh's example, morality and style" associated with professional tasks and duties of Party member. In order to carry out in-depth, become a discipline, the district promotes propaganda, building and spreading typical examples and models.

The district Party Committee put learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and styles into the program and action plan to implement the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress associated with the implementation of political tasks and timely and effective settlement for noticeable issues in the locality, agencies and units.

The breakthrough content to create a clear change in learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style determined by the district is to well implement administrative reforms, innovate working styles and manners, listen and solve in time the plausible recommendations of people.

Mrs. Quach Thi Mien, Head of District Propaganda and Training Commission assessed: Implementing Directive No. 05 has brought about practical effects, positively impacting on the implementation of socio-economic development objectives. Many typical models and examples appear. The District's Party Committee's agency maintains regularly "Collection box for learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style." The District's Military Command sponsored 5 poor and studious students. The District's Youth Union implemented Youth works, voluntary Saturday to settle administrative procedures, etc. Many households voluntarily donate land to build rural traffic roads and intra-field traffic roads. The Kim Boi district deploys scientific models and initiatives such as models of growing sweet corn, mushrooms and asparagus, etc.

Continuing to promote the implementation of Directive No. 05 improved the awareness of cadres, party members and people, affirming that this is a right policy, preventing the recession of political ideology, morality and lifestyle, thereby, contributing to building and strengthening the foundation of social morality in accordance with Uncle Ho's ideology, morality and style, spreading good actions and models effectively.

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NA deputies meet with Hoa Binh city’s voters

(HBO) - A delegation of National Assembly deputies of the north-western province of Hoa Binh met with voters in Hoa Binh city on June 18. The delegation included Nguyen Tien Sinh, vice head of the provincial NA deputy delegation and member of the NA’s Committee for Judicial Affairs; and Quach The Tan, Vice President of the Vietnam Association for Promoting Education (VAPE), President of the provincial study encouragement society, and member of the NA’s Committee for Culture, Education, Adolescents, and Children.

Hoa Binh Party Committee approves 15th provincial VFF congress’ agenda

(HBO) – The Standing Board of the Party Committee of Hoa Binh province had a working session with the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Committee on the preparations for the 15th congress of the provincial VFF for the 2019-2024 tenure. The session was chaired by Bui Van Tinh, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee.

Yen Thuy district needs to strive to achieve socio-economic targets

(HBO) - On June 17, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee Bui Van Tinh held a working session with the standing board of the Yen Thuy district Party Committee to review the implementation of the resolution of the 20th district Party Congress for the 2015 – 2020 tenure, the socio-economic performance in the first half and tasks for the remaining months of this year.

Van Nghia commune (Lac Son): The Party member has pioneered in the economic development

(HBO) - In the Party cell of Doi hamlet, Van Nghia commune (Lac Son), Mr. Bui Van Chun is an example of a pioneered Party member in the economic development. He is a leader in all movements and activities of the hamlet such as the movement of good production and business. Over the past years, he has built a model of integrated farming and breeding farms with scale of 50-60 pigs a litter and planting 5,000 m2 of pumpkin to get seeds, bringing the income of hundreds of million VND a year.

The 11th meeting of Hoa Binh Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, XIV course

(HBO) - On June 14, the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee organized the 11th, XIV, 2014-2019 term.

Specific plans needed to help Da Bac district create socio-economic breakthroughs

(HBO) - Bui Van Tinh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hoa Binh province, on June 11 had a working session with the Standing Board of Da Bac district’s Party Committee on the implementation of the Resolution adopted at the 24th congress of the district Party Committee (2015-2020 tenure), local socio-economic development in the first six months of this year and major tasks set for the second half.