The movement "The whole country joins hands for the poor, leaving no one behind" has been actively launched by the standing committee of the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front chapter to attract the participation of localities, agencies, units, businesses, and the general public.


 Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court Nguyen Hoa Binh, alternate member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Phi Long present gifts to policy beneficiary families in the national solidarity festival in Pho Re residential area, An Nghia commune, Lac Son district.

Over the past years, there has been renewal in the methods of communication, mobilisation and support for impoverished households in the province. The chapter has partnered with local authorities to call on people from walks of life, organisations, businesses, philanthropists, and the entire society to assist the poor, towards concretising the movement "The whole country joins hands for the poor, leaving no one behind".

At present, part of the population are still facing difficulties in their lives. According to the multidimensional poverty standards for the 2022-2023 period, there are 27,091 poor households in the entire province, accounting for 12.29% of the local population. The poor households are in urgent need of support from the State, the community, and businesses both in and outside the province. Among them, 3,556 households require housing assistance.

From 2021 to September 2023, the local "For the Poor" fund received over 80.1 billion VND (3.33 million USD). Over the course of three years, the province raised over 15 billion VND from various units, economic groups, and businesses in and outside the province to support social welfare projects. During this period, the fund management board assisted in the construction of 1,255 houses for poor households, with a total value of over 44.5 billion VND. Additionally, 147 houses were repaired, totaling 1.69 billion VND. From January 1 to October 20, 2023, 53 organisations and three people donated and transferred cash to the fund's account, totaling over 2.1 billion VND. This support contributed to the building of 269 houses and the repair of six others.

Leader of the provincial Party Committee and People's Committee presents financial assistance to the construction of solidarity houses to policy beneficiary families in Thinh Minh commune, sourced from the local "For the Poor" fund.

In addition to allocating mobilised fund for the construction of solidarity houses, the fund management board provided scholarships and gifts for the poor, patients and disadvantaged students. They also provided social insurance books and health insurance cards for those in difficult circumstances and distributed gifts on occasions such as Children's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

To lever the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance, the provincial VFF chapter has issued a plan to launch the "For the Poor" peak month from October 17-November 18, 2023.


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