(HBO) - Mrs. Bui Minh Hong, Head of the Department of Culture and Information of Tan Lac district said: In order to preserve ethnic cultural character, communes and towns mobilized Muong women, youth and enthusiasts of Muong culture to establish teams of letters and arts performance for communities and hamlets. Everyone contributes funds to practice and develop local cultural and artistic movements.

A Hat Doi (challenge-and-response) singing act of members of cultural character preservation club of Hamlet Dinh II, Man Duc Commune, Tan Lac district.

The district Department of Culture and Information issued regulations to coordinate with the district Women's Union to propagate and mobilize members to establish a club to preserve Muong cultural character. Every year, the district Department of Culture and Information organizes training courses on skills of beating gongs and teaching folk songs for members of letters and arts of communes, on that basis, encourages all communes to establish cultural character preservation clubs.

Currently, Tan Lac district established 02 cultural character preservation clubs, including: Ngoi hamlet club (Ngoi Hoa commune) established in March 2017 and Dinh II hamlet club (Man Duc commune) established in March 2019. The two clubs regularly organize exchanges of culture and letters & arts; teach members and young generations how to sing folk songs, folk dance, Hat Doi (challenge and response) singing, beat gongs. Women maintain wearing ethnic costumes. The special performances of Ngoi hamlet club have contributed to promoting the culture and beauty of Muong Bi people to tourists.

The two clubs that preserve ethnic cultural character in Ngoi Hoa and Man Duc Communes play an important role in preserving and promoting Muong Bi's cultural values. In the coming time, the district Culture and Information Department continues to encourage communes and towns to establish clubs. Encouraging and creating conditions for organizations and individuals to study, teach and introduce Muong Bi customs, practices and culture.

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