(HBO) - Mr. Bui Van Dien, the Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan Thanh commune says that now Tan Thanh commune has a cultural house and a central stadium, 100% of hamlets have a cultural house, a sports ground, five out of the eleven hamlets have been recognized as the cultural villages and over 81% of households have earned the title of the cultural families.

The cultural house of Tan My hamlet, Tan Thanh commune (Luong Son) has been invested and built to meet the community's living needs.

Every year, the Steering Committee of the movement "All People unite to build a cultural life” issues the documents to implement in accordance with the situation in each stage. The Steering Committee has beeb directing the hamlets to build and modify the conventions and the regualtions based on the general development situation, contributing to the implementation of civilized life in weddings, mournings and festivals in association with building a healthy cultural environment.

In particular, the commune has promoted the propaganda and mobilized the people to unite, helping each other to develop the economy, reduce poverty, and jointly build new rural areas. The movement of building the cultural families and villages has been widely deployed and consented by the people. In particular, in the implementation of building the new rural areas, with the policy of "State and people work together", the households have actively donated land for the rural roads and the social welfare projects. Currently, the inter-village and the inter-commune roads have been hardened, the cultural houses, schools, health stations along with other cultural institutions have been invested, upgraded, improving and improved, contributing significantly to the successful implementation of development targets of the socio-economic resolution that the was proposed in the Resolution of the 23rd Party Congress of the Communist Party

In order to make the movement more effective, the communal Steering Committee will continue to promote the propaganda and mobilize the people to perform the weddings, the mournings and the festivals according to the civilized lifestyle. It is necessary to raise the awareness and self-consciousness of the families in building a cultural family, building and maintaining the title of the cultural residential area. It is also important to build models of good people, good deeds and advanced examples so that they become the core nucleus in the population area and motivate people to excitedly take part in the production emulation, contributing to completing the objectives of the local socio-economic development.


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