(HBO) - Currently, there are 94 cultural and historical relics, revolutionary historical sites and landscapes that have been ranked in the whole province. They include 53 relics that have been ranked at the provincial level and 41 relics that have been ranked at the national level.

Many festivals have been restored and held in the provincial relics attracting a large number of people to participate. The photo: The Ceremony of Via Lua procession at Ngoi Communal Festival (Hoa Binh City) in 2019.

For many past years, the sector of Culture, Sports and Tourism has always attached the great importance to the management of monuments and organizing festivals at the monuments in the province. Thereby, it has been contributing to the protection and promotion of the value of the monument.

Basically, the system of relics of the province has been protected and renovated to ensure the existence and originality of the relics. However, due to many causes, both subjective and objective conditions, many monuments have been damaged and degraded. Recognizing the importance of this issue, in recent years the province has strengthened and paid attention to the State management of the system of the cultural heritage in the area. A lot of historical and cultural relics have been researched and surveyed to compile a relic grading record at the national and provincial level.

A number of revolutionary and cultural and historical relics have been restored, embellished and protected for the efficient exploitation and use. The sector of culture has been promoted the propaganda and introduced the value of the important monuments to visitors such as: Thac Bo temple relic, Hoa Binh prison revolutionary historical relic... 

Coordinating with the sector of Education and Training, they have organized visits with to the revolutionary historical sites for the students and they also sent the officials to present: the Victory Relic of Me Bridge; the location of setting up the office of the Provincial Party Committee; Uncle Ho's place to visit the Socialist Labor Youth School ...

Thereby, it helps students understand the revolutionary historical traditions of the local and the values of the revolutionary historical and cultural heritage, and directly participate in the activities to protect and promote the value of the literal heritage

Mr. Luu Huy Linh, the Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism says: To promote the effectiveness of the value of monuments, in the coming time, the Cultural sector will enhance the management and investment of the State and coordinate with other appropriate authorities in protecting and promoting the values of the cultural and historical monuments, and landscapes. At the same time, the inventory, the classification and the inspection of relics and antiques in monuments will be strengthened to facilitate the preservation. 

The propaganda, promotion and introduction of the addresses of the historical and cultural relics will be promoted in association with the tourism development on the mass media. The system of the policies on the monuments, especially the policies on socializing the conservation and promoting the value of monuments will soon be completed.

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(HBO) - As a highland district with 5 ethnic groups living together, Da Bac has a rich and unique cultural treasure. In recent years, the district has always been focusing on preserving and promoting the traditional cultural identity, associating it with the socio-economic development, contributing to building and consolidating the block of great unity of the entire people.

Lac Son district: Focusing on managing, preserving and promoting the value of the relics

(HBO) - Currently there are 31 historical & cultural relics and beauty spots in Lac Son district, of which there are 3 nationally ranked relics. They are the archaeological relics of Mai Da in Vanh village, the revolutionary relics of Muong Khoi War Zone, the archaeological cave relics in Trai village and there are 12 provincial-ranked relics, the remaining ones have been surveyed, and have been put on the list of provincial proposals for the management.

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Art programme marks War Invalids and Fallen Soldiers’ Day

An art programme was held at Giai Phong (Liberation) Square in the central province of Quang Tri on the night of July 26 to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of War Invalids and Fallen Soldiers’ Day (July 27, 1947-2020).

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(HBO) - If you have the opportunity to visit the hamlets and villages in Mai Chau district, you can easily see the typical cultural characteristics of Thai ethnic people. The villages and the helmets of Thai people are located at the foot of the mountains and they are close to the romantic rice fields.