(HBO) - Currently, Binh Son commune in Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province has 3 outdoor stages and 5 performance teams. The art teams have from 15-20 members.

A performance by the Binh Son Commune Art Team (Kim Boi District).

Members of the art team gradually rejuvenated, attracting a lot of young people from 15 - 30 years old to participate with a variety of diverse performances such as: singing, dancing, skits, plays, modern dance, singing combined with performances of musical instruments... 

The regular music performance teams have contributed to the local cultural and arts movement in both breadth and depth.
Cultural and artistic movements have contributed significantly to building cultural life in residential areas, improving the spiritual life of the people, creating solidarity, cohesion and mutual understanding in the community. Binh Son commune has 495 cultural families, accounting for 75% of the total households in the commune.

Mr. Bui Dinh Luan, Vice Chairman of Binh Son Commune People's Committee said: Every time the commune organizes cultural exchanges, people come to fill the cultural yard to enjoy and cheer. In recent years, activities of the Women's Union and the Elderly Association's activities has been more prosperous than previous years. The local cultural and arts movements have developed, in addition to the interest and investment of the Party Committee and the commune authorities. The enthusiasm and participation in people's activities are now included. Now, the mass music movement has become an indispensable spiritual part in the lives of people in Binh Son commune.


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