(HBO) - In 2019, the Provincial Library has expired and issued 12,141 cards for new readers, serving about 86,500 turns of readers, with 94,000 turns of books and circulation newspapers and 528,094 turns of website visits.

The students of Man Duc Primary School (Tan Lac) at the book exhibition.

The number of people reading books has sharply increased compared to that of the previous years because the provincial library has been organizing many activities to stimulate reading culture right from the beginning of the year. They include organizing the Day of Vietnamese Books, and in April 2019, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperated with Trung Nguyen Legend Group to organize a book handing program to Hoa Binh Library. The book donation program is a part of the series "A journey from the heart – A journey to a great cause – Starting a national career for 30 million Vietnamese youth”.

The provincial library has been maintaining the circulation of books to serve the needs of the readers. They have been updating the information on science-society on the website to introduce and serve the needs of the readers. At the same time, they have been organizing dozens of mobile multimedia library trips, bringing the light of knowledge to the people in remote areas and the schools in the province, contributing to spreading the reading culture in the community.

Following this roadmap, at the beginning of 2020, the provincial library organized 6 mobile library trips to serve the people at Gau Tao festival (Mai Chau), Khai Ha festival in Muong Bi (Tan Lac), Muong Thang Festival (Cao Phong) ... When Covid-19 pandemic overflows, following the instructions of the Central and the province to suspend the entertainment activities, the festivals, the tourism and the implementation of the social distance, bringing books to the readers of the library has also stopped. The Day of Vietnam Books in 2020 has been held in the form of online, and there is no review to see the effectiveness.





In order to contribute to preserving and promoting the reading culture in the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the provincial library has built the following plan: In the third quarter of 2020, many forms of service will be implemented to attract about 24,000 turns of readers. The circulation of 22,000 turns of books and newspapers to the grassroots level will be implemented. The mobile library cars will be served at 24 locations in the province. The Central strategy of writing about Hoa Binh will be maintained and it will be posted on the website. The news about the library and the sector will be updated, the database to look up new batches of books and valuable information on the science – society will be released. The operation of the Hoa Binh Provincial Library website will be maitained to attract about 20,000 turns of visits. Fourteen exhibitions of books, newspapers and magazines will be held for the anniversaries. The provincial library continues the journey of bringing books to find readers, all for the purpose of reviving the reading culture in the community.

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