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Performing the traditional musical instruments, folk dancing and singing, and Mother Goddess worship at Tien Pagoda Festival

Within the framework of the Tien Pagoda Festival in Lac Thuy district in 2024, after the opening ceremony, a folk-art exchange program took place including Performing the traditional musical instruments, Muong gong art, folk dancing and singing, Chau Van singing... of the clubs preserving Muong ethnic cultural identity of Ba Hang Doi town, Hung Thi, Phu Thanh, Phu Nghia communes, together with the Meritorious Artisans Nguyen Manh Tuan, Tran Manh Hung... at the stage of Tien pagoda.

Mo Muong a journey towards world cultural heritage

The Muong people account for over 63% of the population in Hoa Binh province. Over the time, the ethnic group has innovated and preserved its rich and diverse folk culture. Within this cultural background, there is a prominent, unique, and deeply humanistic art form known as Mo Muong.

The festival of Xam Xuan communal house during the Dragon Spring in 2024

On February 15th (Lunar January 6th), Phu Lai commune, Yen Thuy district held the opening ceremony of the festival of Xam Xuan communal house during the Dragon Spring in 2024.

Com lam – a unique feature of Muong Dong

Beyond being a local staple rated as a three-star OCOP product, com lam (steamed sticky rice in bamboo pipes) has been imbued with the culture of the Muong Dong ethnics who believe that com lam is an accomplishment of the locals after a hard working year, and an indispensable delicacy to tickle Tet holiday taste buds.

Spring echoes with melodious sounds of Muong flute

Sao oi (Muong flute), a unique traditional instrument of the Muong ethnic people, calls out the arrival of spring throughout the villages. Its pure and tender tones are reminiscent of the gentle spring breeze, carrying the thoughts and emotions of the highland people of the northwest.

Hoa Binh preserves Muong ethnic cultural value, “Hoa Binh civilisation”

The project on preserving and promoting cultural values of the Muong ethnic group and the Hoa Binh civilisation for 2023-2030 in Hoa Binh province has been approved, helping promote and popularise the region and the people of Hoa Binh while developing unique tourism products to attract domestic and international tourists, contributing to the province's socio-economic development in the near future.