(HBO) - In the area of Tan Lac district, the population of Muong ethnic group accounts for 85%, the rest are Kinh and other ethnic groups living together. In recent years, preserving and promoting the traditional cultural identity of the ethnic groups in general and the Muong ethnic group in particular has always been supported by the Party Committee, the government, the Fatherland Front and the socio-political organizations from the district to the grassroots level, contributing to raising the value of Muong Bi cultural identity in today's life.

Ke Pagoda Festival in Phu Vinh commune (Tan Lac) converges many unique Muong cultural features, attracting a large number of people and tourists to experience and explore.

Introduced by the leader of the Culture and Sports Department of Tan Lac district, we visited Phu Vinh commune, which still preserves many unique traditional cultural values of Muong ethnic group. Mr.  Bui Duc Tho, the acting Chairman of the Communal People's Committee, says: 99% of the population is Muong ethnic people in the commune. The people here still keep the traditional culture from the way of eating, living and the daily activities. The women maintain the beauty of wearing traditional costumes during festivals and in the special days of their family. The traditional stilt houses and the ancient Muong gongs are still kept as the "treasures”. In particular, Ke pagoda festival is held every year in the commune, attracting a large number of tourists inside and outside the district. The children in the locality come back to the festival to bond with family and community no matter where they work...

In recent years, preserving and promoting the good traditional cultural identity of the Muong ethnic group in the district has been concerned and implemented by all levels and sectors. Tan Lac is also a locality that still preserves many cultural tangible heritages with thetraditional value, such as houses on stilts, costumes, traditional crafts (rattan, bamboo weaving, brocade weaving, etc.); Intangible cultural heritage such as the speech, writing, Mo Muong, Muong gongs, ethnic musical instruments, Muong folk songs. Every year, the district directs, takes inventory and puts them on the list of tangible and intangible cultural heritage protection. Up to now, the district has made and ranked 11 scientific records, monuments and scenic spots, of which there are 6 relics promoting their value such Cot Co.mountain in Muong Bi, Trang waterfall (Nhan My commune), Nam Son cave (Van Son commune), Thac Bo cave (Suoi Hoa commune), But cave (Man Duc town), the temple in Luy village (Phong Phu commune) ...
Identifying and selecting the localities that still retain many traditional cultural values to build Muong cultural space, preserving the tangible and intangible cultural values of Muong ethnic people. The district has preserved some quite original villages of Muong ethnic people such as Luy Ai hamlet (Phong Phu commune), Ngoi hamlet (Suoi Hoa commune), Chien hamlet (Van Son commune), exploring and preserving the tangible cultural heritages such as the stilt houses, the daily-life utensils, the production activities of Muong people and intangible cultural heritages (Mo Muong, Thuong singing, Bo Meng singing, folk songs...). Restoring and maintaining 3 traditional folk festivals create attraction for tourists (Muong Bi festival in Muong Bi, the stream fishing festival in March in Lo Son commune, Ke pagoda festival in Phu Vinh commune). They have honored 10 artisans who are recognized as excellent artisans with the type of social practices and folk beliefs of Mo Muong.

In addition, the district has paid attention to organizing training classes for the younger generation through teaching skills how to play Muong gongs, teaching Mo Muong, Thuong Rang and Bo Meng singing... The district has cooperated with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to open training courses, professional training courses in the state management of conservation and museums in order to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of the nation; guiding the establishment of clubs on cultural heritage in the localities.

Mr.  Bui Minh Hong, the Head of the Culture and Sports Department of Tan Lac district says: In the coming time, the district has developed a project on preserving and promoting the fine traditional cultural identity of Muong ethnic group in the district in the period of 2022 - 2025, with a vision to 2030 in order to continue researching, preserving and transmitting the fine traditional cultural values of  Muong ethnic group in Tan Lac district in a scientific and systematical way; arousing and promoting the potential values and cultural heritage, aiming to form a number of Muong ethnic cultural spaces, building a cultural environment and healthy cultural life among the People.

In which, the specific groups of solutions are proposed, specifically, strengthening the leadership and direction of the Party committees and local authorities, the coordination of the Fatherland Front, the socio-political organizations and the participation of the people in conserving and promoting the fine traditional cultural values of Muong ethnic group. It is necesary to promote research, collection, restoration, conservation, preservation and promotion of the fine traditional cultural identity of Muong people. Ii suggested introducing and promoting the fine traditional cultural heritage values of Muong ethnic group; using the unique cultural values to develop tourism. The management ability for staff in charge of cultural management from the district to grassroots level should be improved. The linkages and cooperation need strengthening to mobilize the resources for the conservation and promotion of the fine traditional cultural identity of Muong ethnic group in the district.

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