(HBO) – After the re-organisation of administrative units, Hoa Binh city now has 195 houses of culture among its 208 hamlets and residential groups, which means 97% of the local residential areas have such centres. However, new requirements have arisen, requiring all-level Party committees and administrations to take strong actions to perfect grassroots culture facilities.

The culture house of residential group 9 in Phuong Lam ward, Hoa Binh city, has been upgraded, meeting locals’ demand for cultural activities.

Over the past years, Party committees and administrations at all levels in Hoa Binh city has paid attention to developing culture houses which are viewed as important grassroots facilities of culture in the building of a new lifestyle and socio-economic development.

However, after the re-organisation of administrative units, the city's development is facing many new challenges. Some residential groups in downtown wards have encountered difficulties in zoning off land plots for culture house construction while many houses of culture have become degraded.

Those problems were pointed out in Resolution 59/2019/NQ-HDND, issued on May 13, 2019 by the municipal People’s Council, on financial support, building, repair, upgrade, and expansion of culture houses of hamlets and residential groups in Hoa Binh city by 2025. Implementing the resolution, since 2019, the city has built, repaired, upgraded, and expanded 16 culture houses at a total cost of over 3.17 billion VND (135,100 USD), including 860 million VND from the State budget and more than 2.3 billion VND from private sources and people’s donations.

According to the municipal People’s Committee, the policy on comprehensively building culture houses for hamlets and residential groups has received attention from all-level Party committees and administrations, as well as support from social organisations, associations, and people. Those facilities have met locals’ demand for community activities, helping promote the "All people stay united to build new-style rural areas and civilised urban areas” campaign, people’s spiritual life, and socio-economic development.

Given the important role of culture houses, Hoa Binh city has gained more political resolve to take stronger actions. In particular, its People’s Council issued Resolution 49/NQ-HDND on December 18, 2021 to approve a plan on organising, converting, and reserving land for building, repairing, upgrading, and expanding culture houses of local hamlets and residential groups by 2025. It targeted that 100% hamlets and residential groups will have culture houses, and 100% of the culture houses will meet local people's demand for community activities by 2025.

Under this plan, funding for the building, repairing, upgrading, and expanding culture houses will come from the city’s budget, people’s donations, private sources, and other legal sources. The city is set to provide about 64.33 billion VND for the work between 2022 and 2025.

Nguyen Thai Hoa, head of the culture and information division of Hoa Binh city, said this policy has met people’s demand for community activities, thereby helping improve local residents’ spiritual life and contributing to socio-economic development. However, certain difficulties haven’t been addressed, requiring the city to continue strong measures to obtain fruitful results.


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