(HBO) – The Arts and Literature Association of Hoa Binh province hosted a gathering on August 28 in celebration of its 30th founding anniversary (June 23, 1993 - 2023).

 Bui Duc Hinh, Standing Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, and leaders of the provincial People’s Committee and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee congratulate the association on its 30th anniversary.

The event was attended by Bui Duc Hinh, Standing Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council; Nguyen Van Toan, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee; Bui Tien Luc, head of the provincial Party Committee’s Board for Information and Education, and President of the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee; Associate Professor, Doctor and musician Do Hong Quan, Chairman of the National Committee of the Alliance of Arts and Literature Associations of Vietnam; and People’s Artist Trinh Thuy Mui, Vice Chairwoman of the Alliance of Arts and Literature Associations of Vietnam and Chairwoman of the Vietnam Stage Artists Association.

Over its 30 years of development, the provincial Arts and Literature Association has undergone six tenures. It currently gathers 235 artists of literature, theatre, dancing, fine arts, music, photography, and folk culture. Two of its members have been granted the State Awards for Literature and Arts, and five with the Meritorious Artist title. Hundreds of awards from central and provincial specialised associations have also been presented to local artists.

Addressing the event, Bui Duc Hinh, Standing Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, congratulated artists on the 30th anniversary of the association, which has substantially contributed to the creation of cultural products to meet people’s growing demand for cultural enjoyment. They have produced a number of highly valuable works in multiple fields, thus helping promote the presence of culture in every life aspect and deserving their role as the core force in the creation of cultural values.

He stressed that to create conditions for literature and arts to develop, the Party and State have always encouraged artists’ exploration, respected their creativity, and built specific mechanisms and policies for literature, arts and artists matching local socio-economic development. All-level Party committees, administrations, and people always hope that artists will continue creating more works that are imbued with rich ideological and artistic values, and truthfully, profoundly and comprehensively reflect the province’s socio-economic situation in the current period of reform and development.

The official also asked Party committees and administrations at all levels to be further aware of the role of literature and arts in the national reform, construction and defence; support and provide the best possible conditions for literature and art-related activities; and mobilise every material and spiritual resources for local literature and arts to develop more strongly and make more contributions in the coming years.

 Associate Professor, Doctor and musician Do Hong Quan and People’s Artist Trinh Thuy Mui present insignias to the artists with considerable contributions to literature and arts of Hoa Binh province.

On this occasion, 14 members of the provincial association were presented with the "For the cause of literature and arts” insignias. The event also reviewed the 2022 - 2023 poetry contest on the Hoa Binh Literature and Arts Magazine, with 11 prizes awarded; and launched the second poem, short story and report writing contest, themed "Winds of the Northwest”, for 2023 - 2024.


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