Nguyen Manh Tuan, a Muong ethnic man in Ba Hang Doi town, Lac Thuy district, is known as a young, dedicated, and outstanding artisan who has made significant contributions in collecting, restoring, and preserving national cultural values.

(Photo: Outstanding artisan Nguyen Manh Tuan, Ba Hang Doi town, Lac Thuy district, introduces artifacts to visitors at Muong cultural space).

Tuan was raised up and nurtured with Mother Goodness worship tradition in his childhood. In 2012, after working for nearly 13 years in the armed forces, Tuan demobilised and returned to the locality and, with a great desire to preserve cultural values of the ethnic group, he restored the Muong stilt house and studied the ancient and present Muong ethnic customs in funerals, weddings, festivals, singing dances, gongs, stork instruments, flute pipes, and Muong language, among others to teach young generation to understand the culture of their people.


In November 2022, Tuan established a Muong ethnic cultural heritage club where he can spread the love to his compatriot. The club has attracted the participation of more than 200 regular members.


Covering an area of 750 sqm, the space displays more than 2,000 artifacts which are familiar in the daily life in the Muong ethnic people, including 100 gongs; 120 bronze, 200 pottery, and 250 wooden items; 45 animal horn pieces; 150 fabric products, blankets, brocade pillows, costumes; 250 rattan products; 55 ethnic musical instruments; nearly 150 Muong cultural books; and nearly 200 other widgets and composite products, among others.


Besides, Tuan has directed many events of the locality and he has effectively maintained the training on Muong gong culture, songs, dances, folk games, and language for young generation. With tireless efforts, the artisan was awarded the title of Excellent Artisan in the field of social practices and beliefs in 2022.


With numerous contributions to the preservation and promotion of the racial cultural identity, he is also an outstanding example in charity and social security work in the locality.


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