The Bac Son pre-school in Hung Son commune, Kim Boi district is effectively implementing a model of preserving and promoting cultural identity of the Muong ethnic group.

The miniature Muong stilt house model with an area of about 21sq.m, fully equipped with the Muong people’s daily necessities, production tools, traditional musical instruments, has attracted the curiosity of children every time they are introduced by the teacher. Every week, children have two lessons in this space. In addition to guiding children to explore the cultural space and daily life characteristics of the Muong people, and playing many folk games, teachers also teach basic skills to children.

Teacher Bui Thi Linh said that each experiential lesson at the stilt house helps children understand more about the Muong cultural identity and develop many skills. Little girls like to wear Muong dresses to school and practice playing gongs.

The pre-school has two facilities, with the nearly-20-million-VND (788 USD) stilt house located at the main one in Hoi Tram hamlet, Hung Son commune.

Principal Bui Thi Hue said that in each lesson, teachers guide children to learn and discover the names and uses of utensils and items for daily life and production in both Kinh and Muong languages. The pre-school also regularly coordinates with the representative board of parents to organise tours to hamlets for children to meet with the elderly who can teach them Muong folk songs and stories; and visit old stilt houses.

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