(HBO) - 2019 has been considered a pretty brilliant year for the province's high-achievement sports. More than 160 athletes competed in 18 regional and national sports tournaments, winning 81 medals, including 31 gold medals, 22 silver medals, 28 bronze medals.

Bui Van Hieu - a typical cyclist of the province competing in the National Young Off-road Cycling Championship and the National Off-road Cycling in 2019, participate in the Youth Championships - Asian Terrain Bike Championships.

There were 6 athletes winning the title of the grandmaster, 5 athletes winning the title of the athletes at the national level I, 3 athletes have been summoned to the youth team, the national cycling team and Dinh Van Linh participated in Vietnam's off-road cycling team competing at the 30th SEA Games held in the Philippines. The good news is that now the province owns a force of young athletes with a strong passion for sports, the determination and the continuous efforts, which is an important foundation to create a solid foundation and the development foundation for the future.

From the beginning of the year, the complicated development of Covid-19 has significantly affected the sports activities, and a number of the national sports tournaments had to be postponed. Despite the unfavorable conditions, the force of the talented athletes and the sports-gifted students of the province has strictly observed the regulations on epidemic prevention and control, at the same time they have been maintaining the training to mentally and physically prepare with the highest concentration for important sports tournaments in 2020. In the first 6 months of the year, the Gifted School for Sports Training and Competition of the province has been maintaining and improving the quality of 7 sports-gifted classes. They have signed the contract with 14 athletes to compete for the provincial team. Every year, the school organizes enrollment to discover and select the young talents from the sports movements and the sports competitions at the schools and the grassroots levels.

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Celebrating 10 years of the establishment of the Provincial Gifted School for Sports Training and Competition

(HBO) - On November 18th, at the Provincial Cultural Palace, the Provincial Gifted School for Sports Training and Competition held the 10th anniversary of the school's establishment (2010 - 2020).

Shining the passion for sports in the upland commune of Ngo Luong

(HBO) - At the Olympic Running Day for the health of the entire population and the Traditional Marathon Tournament of Tan Lac District in 2020, the sports team of Ngo Luong commune continued to stand at the top. The spirit of sports practicing and training following the example of the great Uncle Ho, the passion aroused in all classes of the people have helped the upland sports shine more brightly.

Tan Lac District organizes the Olympic Running Day for the entire people’s health and the traditional Marathon Tournament in 2020

(HBO) - On November 6th, the People's Committee of Tan Lac district held the launching ceremony of the Olympic Running Day for the entire people's health and the traditional Marathon Tournament in 2020. The leaders of Hoa Binh Newspaper, the District People's Committee and the representatives from the departments, the branches and the unions of the district attended it.

Mai Chau district: Paying attention to developing the movement of sports and physical training

(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "The entire people train their bodies following the great example of Uncle Ho”, in recent years, the movement of sports and physical training in the district has been developing, bringing the practical results.

The steam volleyball tournament for the elderly in Kim Boi district in 2020

(HBO) - On November 4th, at the district's Cultural House, the Elderly Association of Kim Boi district coordinated with the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Information to hold the award ceremony for the 5th Steam Volleyball tournament for the Elderly in 2020.

A friendly football match to support for the people in the flooded Central regions of Vietnam with 20 million VND

(HBO) - The Youth Communist Union of Hoa Binh city coordinated with the Organizing Committee Football for 7th Stadium of Hoa Binh City to organize a voluntarily football match to raise money and support the flooded victims in the Central of Vietnam.