(HBO) - Carrying out the campaign "All people actively train their bodies according to the example of the great Uncle Ho”, the movement of sports and physical training in Chi Dao commune (Lac Son) has been vibrantly and widely developed.

The people in Chi Dao commune (Lac Son) are actively participating in sports tournaments to rub and improve their professional skills.

Throughout the volleyball courts at the cultural houses, and the artificial grass football field in the commune, there are many people of all ages participating in sports practice. Everyone is excited, enthusiastic, excitedly practicing in teams and groups.

There are 6 hamlets throughout Chi Dao commune. Over the past years, the movement to sports and physical training in the commune has attracted the attraction of more than 30% of the people, the core force is the elderly members, the women and the youth union members. In the hamlets and residential areas, a routine and a habit of sports training every afternoon have been formed. Each person has chosen the right sports depending on the health and age. Soccer, soft volleyball, hard volleyball and badminton are popular sports that attract a large number of people to participate. According to statistics, there are 8 volleyball courts, 3 soccer fields, including 2 private artificial grass football fields in the whole commune.

Every year, the commune organizes two or three tournaments in the occasion of spring, the International Women's Day on March 8th, the National Day on September 2nd ... They have been supporting money, mobilizing socialization so that the villages, the communes can actively buy balls and nets for sports practice. The exchanges between villages, hamlets and neighboring localities have regularly been organized to strengthen solidarity and learning exchange.

The ethnic sports such as tug of war, crossbow shooting, and stick pushing do not attract people to practice regularly. However, before the competitions organized by the district, the commune often propagates and mobilizes the key athletes to participate in practice, instructing the next generation to improve their professional skills and techniques. Thereby, it helps preserve the national cultural identity, at the same time it helps them win high rankings in tournaments.

Women's volleyball, marathon, stick pushing, tug of war ... are powerful sports, attracting a large number of people to participate. In the coming time, the party committee and the authorities of the commune will continue to promote the movement of sports and physical training in many forms. They will allocate funding to support the practice and repair the system of facilities to meet the needs of people practicing sports. They will pay attention to fostering and training the adjacent forces and promoting the achieved results, which will contribute to improving the people's health, increase solidarity and successfully implement the tasks and goals of socio-economic development.

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