(HBO) - Being organized periodically, professionally with the content suitable for the reality, especially the very high competitive spirit of the athletes, these are the outstanding impressions, bringing the complete success to the 30th Traditional Marathon of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2022.

The male athletes on the men's track for high schools.

 On April 23rd, right from 6 a.m., there were people gathering at Hoa Binh Square (Hoa Binh City) – the place the opening time of the the 30th Traditional Marathon of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2022 would take place in one hour. 

The stage was inaugurated. The tables and chairs, speakers, flags and flowers were fully prepared. This is the finish line of the athletes, the starting point of the women's championship and the starting point of the show of force... Along with well-prepared facilities, the human resources of each department firmly understood their tasks, from the forces ensuring security, order and traffic safety, to the ones guiding vehicles, ambulances, the police at checkpoints, the medical staff on duty on the road and in the destination area... Everything was ready. This was the 30th year of the organization, so every stage was prepared in a methodical, detailed and professional manner, ensuring the best competition conditions for the athletes. 

It was nearly 7 am. The sun rose in the East just as welcoming the opening ceremony. The program started with an atmosphere of excitement, full of confidence in the victory of the song "Viet Nam Oi” performed by the provincial art troupe. After that, hundreds of the delegates, the athletes and the fans gathered for the flag ceremony. 

At 7:15 am, making a speech at the opening ceremony of the 30th Traditional Marathon of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2022, Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, the Editor of Hoa Binh Newspaper, the Head of the competition Steering Committee emphasized: After 31 years with 29 times organizing the tournament previously, it attracted the attention of a large number of officials and the people in the province, especially the participation of hundreds of the athletes. It not only demonstrates the strong vitality, the brand of the tournament is increasingly enhanced with good professional quality, the scale of the organization is expanding, and the achievement records are continuously broken. Especially, the tournament has officially become a sport of the Provincial Sports Congress for many years. The organization of the tournament has contributed to discovering the outstanding factors for fostering and training, towards the regional and national competitions. Thereby, it practically contributes to the sports movement of the province, including the professional sports. 

Being organized for the 30th time, the traditional marathon of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2022 is even more meaningful as it is a part of a series of the activities celebrating the 31st Southeast Asian Sports Congress held in Vietnam; it is towards the 60th anniversary of Hoa Binh Newspaper's first issue (September 2, 1962 - September 2, 2022) and it is also honored to be an official sport in the program of the 7th Provincial Sports Congress in 2022. The tournament attracted the participation of 129 athletes from the districts, the city and high schools in the province. The athletes competed in 6 events, including men's champion (7 km); women's champion (5 km); young male championship (5 km); young female championship (3 km); male championship for high schools (6 km); female championship for high school (4 km). The content was divided into 2 runs for men and women. 

At exactly 8:15 a.m., the most awaited part arrived - organizing the competition of the scheduled events. At the starting point of the young women's content, 16 athletes started with the exciting runs. They are from Luong Son, Tan Lac, Da Bac, Lac Son, Yen Thuy and Cao Phong districts. Most of them participated in the tournament for the first time, however, they were not surprised because they were well prepared both mentally and physically. 

like the young women's content, the athletes participating in this year's tournament all showed a very high determination to compete right from the first steps. Before the competition day, the delegations organized so that the athletes could go to the competition area to test the road, shape the track and be ready for the competition in the morning of April 23. Therefore, when entering the official competition, the athletes were very confident with their running track, and they competed with 100% of their strength. 

"I feel extremely happy when I'm about to run to the finish line. The enthusiastic cheers seem to give me more strength to accelerate and made a breakthrough in the last steps” – the athlete Dinh Thi Han from Tan district Lac participating in the content for young women said. When Han finished first, she received the enthusiastic cheers of hundreds of fans present at the finish line. Theapplause and cheers created an atmosphere of excitement and burst of joy. 

Not only Dinh Thi Han, the first athletes to catch the finish line at the competition contents received the enthusiastic cheers from the audience as well as the supporting forces. The best names were announced at the awards ceremony: Dinh Thanh Hue – the first prize for the male champion; Quach Thanh Men – the first prize for the female champion; Bui Duc Thanh – the first prize for the young men’s championship; Tran Anh Tu – the first prize for the male championship from high schools; Bui Thi Duyen – the first prize for high school girls...


The athletes from Lac Son district celebrated their victory when they won the first prize for the whole group. 

Notably, this year's prize continued to discover the young faces who participated in the competition for the first time and achieved the outstanding achievements such as: Dinh Thi Han (born in 2009, from Tan Lac district), Dinh Hai Ha (born in 2010, from Luong Son district), Bui Tra My (born in 2010, from Lac Son district)... Closing a successful tournament, the discovery of new factors to supplement the professional athletes force of the province is the core values, contributing to the enduring the vitality and the good tradition of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup. Thereby, it helps creating more motivation to promote the practice of marathon, passing on the flame of passion through generations to further light up the sports spirit in the whole province.

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