(HBO) - Vovinam or Viet Vo Dao is a Vietnamese martial art. Recently, this martial art has developed strongly in the provincial districts and. It is not simply a sport practiced by many people every day, Vovinam also helps to improve health, form the necessary protective skills, forge the way of life, good morals, discipline, strengthen stamina, willpower and improve the mental health of each person.

The athletes are competing at the Provincial Vovinam Championship in 2022.

Along with a number of other martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and so on, the movement of practicin Vovinam in the province has constantly been developing and growing so far. In June 2011, the Vovinam Club – Vietnam martial arts of the province was officially established and in 2021, the Provincial Vovinam Federation was established. At the beginning, when the club was first established, Vovinam was still a strange sport to the people, however, there were a number of nuclear clubs as the foundation for a series of grassroots clubs that were established later. Up to now, there have been over 500 members and over 15 grassroots Vovinam clubs in the Provincial Vovinam Federation. Since 2021, 8 districts and the city have established the clubs according to the management regulations of the Culture, Sports and Tourism sector, and they have been recognized as a member club of the Provincial Vovinam Federation. Many grassroots clubs have experienced rapid growth in the number of members such as the club in Luong Son district. This is the club with the largest number of members with nearly 100 people. In spite of facing many difficulties and challenges, many clubs have been focusing on investing in full training equipment such as gloves, targets, sports weapons, floor mats… 

Many members have been actively participating in training and competitions and they have achieved high results in the provincial and regional tournaments. In which, it is impossible not to mention Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao, Nguyen Chau Anh (Hoa Binh City’s Club); Nguyen Viet Hoang, Nguyen Bich Ngoc (Luong Son’s Club)… Every year, the clubs exchange and there are competitions between the grassroots clubs and hold the Provincial Open Vovinam Tournament with the participation of many Vovinam clubs inside and outside the province.

Recently, the movement of practicing Vovinam has attracted a large number of people, regardless of age and gender. Thereby, it has been contributing to promoting the mass sports movement in the locality. Since 2015, Vovinam has been put into competition between schools and Departments of Education and Training of the districts and the city, named the Provincial Vovinam Prize for Students. Especially in 2022, Vovinam became an exam subject in the program of the 7th Provincial Sports Congress for the first time.

Most recently, from July 2 to 3, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the Vovinam Championship of Hoa Binh province in 2022. The tournament attracted the participation of more than 90 athletes from 9 districts and the city, competing in 12 sets of medals. Luong Son district is one of the units with a thriving movement of practicing Vovinam, owning many young and potential athletes in the middle and high school age. The district has also gradually affirmed the position when it won many impressive achievements in the provincial tournaments. They include the first prize for the whole team at the 2nd Hoa Binh Provincial Open Tournament for Vovinam Clubs in 2019… At the provincial Vovinam Championships in 2022, Luong Son district has 18 athletes participating in the competition. These are the elite nucleus of the two Vovinam clubs in the district. The ending results, Luong Son district won 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.

Evaluating the training and development of young talents in Vovinam in Luong Son district, Mr. Bach Ngoc Thanh, an officer of the Center for Culture, Sports and Information of Luong Son district says: "Recently, due to the influence of Covid-19 epidemics, the athletes' training and competition process was interrupted and limited. However, in this tournament, the athletes performed well, winning many valuable medals for the district. As a coach, I am myself very happy and satisfied with the results that they have achieved.”

Mr. Nguyen Duc Quan, the Vice President and the General Secretary of the Provincial Vovinam Federation says: "In the coming time, in order for Vovinam to develop strongly and firmly throughout the province, the Provincial Vovinam Federation has set a direction, tasks of the 2021 – 2026 term. In which, many solutions will be implemented synchronously with the specific and effective activities in terms of organization, professional management and development of Vovinam movement, training and setting up forces, organizing competitions, participating in domestic and international tournaments…”.

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(HBO) - Over the past years, the movement of physical training and sports in Hoa Binh province has achieved many proud achievements. The 7th Sports Congress of Hoa Binh Provincial in 2022 is a major cultural and sports event of the province, it is of great significance, taking place once every 4 years. Thereby, it has been contributing to the development of the mass sport movement among the civil servants, public employees, labourers, armed forces, pupils, students and all classes of people to enhance health and quality of human resources serving production, study, construction and defense of the Fatherland in the current period. It also helps continue promoting the campaign "All people do exercices following the great example of Uncle Ho in the period of 2021 - 2025. At the same time, it helps evaluate the professional qualifications of the officials and the coaches and improve the athletes’ sports achievements in the province, from which it helps select the excellent athletes to train and attend the 9th National Sports Congress in 2022.

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(HBO) - Over the past years, the movement of physical training and sports in Hoa Binh province has achieved many proud achievements. The 7th Sports Congress of Hoa Binh Provincial in 2022 is a major cultural and sports event of the province, it is of great significance, taking place once every 4 years.

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