As scheduled, the "fire” of the spirit of the Traditional Marathon Tournament in Lac Son district was once again lit, creating a spreading effect of the movement "Be healthy to build a career to protect the country” and the campaign "All people do exercises following the great example of the Uncle Ho” in every citizen.

The athlete, Bui Van Nui from Quyet Thang commune - a talented face in the young men's event, is hoping for Lac Son district at the Traditional Marathon Tournament of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup.

This year is the 31th year that the Traditional Marathon Tournament of Lac Son District was held. In addition to its profound political and social significance, the tournament contributes to improving health to serve studying, working, producing, building and defending the Fatherland, and arousing the potential of physical training and sports in the masses of people's class. At the same time, it is an opportunity to evaluate the results of the movement of physical training and sports at grassroots units. 22 delegations from the communes, the towns, the schools, and the armed forces with 143 athletes, of which there are 83 male athletes and 60 female athletes participating in the competition.

Ms. Quach Thi Nga, the Deputy Director of the District’s Center for Culture, Sports and Communications says: Compared to the previous organizations, the number of the athlethes participating in the thirty-first Traditional Marathon Tournament of the district is higher and the quality of the tournament is better. Besides gathering the athletes who have repeatedly achieved the outstanding achievements, the tournament also features a number of promising young faces with good health and endurance. Through 4 competitions (main male 7 km distance, main female 5 km distance, young male 5 km distance, young female distance 3 km), the tournament discovered new champions, including the athletes Bui Van Nui from Quyet Thang commune in the young men's content; the athlete Bui Thanh Van from An Nghia commune in the young women's event.

The advantage of marathon is that it is easy to practice, it is effective in physical training, increasing endurance, flexibility, and agility for the practitioner. That's why the marathon movement in the district has been strongly improved. This is also one of the key sports of the district. The people and students from all walks of life have a special love for this sport. In Vu Ban town and in some other communes, clubs and running groups have been established, creating a healthy playground and nurturing passion for many people of all ages having the same interest.

Notably, at the 30th Traditional Marathon Tournament of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2022, Lac Son district achieved the impressive and excellent results in many individual and team competitions and won the overall team Championship Cup. This district-level tournament continues to help the district select a force of athletes to participate in the 31st Traditional Marathon Tournament of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup in 2023, with the core of high-achieving athletes.

Also, according to the Deputy Director of the Distric’st Center for Culture, Sports and Communications, the 31st Traditional Marathon Tournament of Hoa Binh Newspaper Cup, in addition to the main force of the main athletes, the unit has a number of additional athletes to participate to gain experience for next season. In the training plan, the athletes participating in the provincial tournament practice continuously from November 4th to 9th under the careful guidance of center coaches.

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