Recently, Hoa Binh province's sports delegation competed in the 18th National Championship for stick pushing in 2024 and the 12th National Championship for tug-of-war in 2024. Winning the precious medals is the motivation for the coaches and the athletes to continue improving their performance in the coming years.

A match of Hoa Binh province's team of tug of war at the 12th National Championship for tug-of-war in 2024.

Crossbow shooting, tug-of-war, and stick pushing are national sports considered the strengths of Hoa Binh province. This has been confirmed by the outstanding achievements in a number of tournaments, competitions and festivals held in recent years. Typically, they have won 8 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 11 bronze medals and ranked 3rd out of the 19 delegations participating in the 13th National Competition for the Ethnic Minority Sports for region I in 2023; 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 8 bronze medals, ranked 3rd for the entire team at the 12th National Competition for the Ethnic Minority Sports; 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals in tug-of-war and 2 bronze medals in stick pushing at the 9th National Sports Festival in 2022... Therefore, every time when competing in the national and regional tournaments, our province's athletes are always confident, united, and determined to win the best results.

In the 18th National Championship for stick pushing in 2024, there were 20 delegations with 200 athletes from the provinces and the cities nationwide competing in 26 weight categories for men and women. The 12th National Championship for tug-of-war in 2024 attracted the participation of 320 athletes from 17 delegations from the provinces and the cities, competing in 18 indoor weight classes and 18 outdoor weight classes. Competing at the 18th National Championship for stick pushing, there was 1 coach and 9 athletes with the set performance target of 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. This is also the force of the athletes and coaches of the province competing at the 12th National Championship for tug-of-war with the set achievement target of 1 gold and 1 bronze.

The athletes who are "selected as gold” are all excellent factors, carefully selected through many provincial and regional tournaments. Some athletes have won the impressive achievements in the national tournaments. After many competing days, our province's athletes won 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. Specifically, the athlete Bui Van Nam won 1 gold medal in the men's 48kg weight category fgor stick pushing; 3 silver medals from the athletes Nguyen Van Bac 54kg men, Sa Anh Tuan in the men's 69kg weight class and Dang Trung Hieu in the men's 75kg weight class; 2 bronze medals belonged to the athletes Bui Trung Kien in the men's 60kg weight class, Bui Van Hiep in the men's 66kg weight class For the tug-of-war, the won 1 gold medal for the indoor 6-person 400kg category for men and 1 bronze medal for the indoor 6-person category 420kg for men. With this result, Hoa Binh sports delegation exceeded the planned target.

Looking back at the 17th National Championship for stick pushing and the 11th National Championship for tug-of-war in 2023, the provincial athlete delegation achieved the remarkable results with 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 4 bronze medals. The excellent tug-of-war event reaped 2 gold medals, however, the stick-pushing event could not reach the highest medal. It is easy to see that the achievements in stick ousshing have made encouraging progress.

Mr. Vu Anh Tien from the provincial training and competing Gifted School for physical education & sports and he is also the coach of the provincial sports delegation at the 18th National Championship for stick pushing and the 12th National Championship for tug-of-war XII says: "Competing in the two tournaments this year is more difficult because all units have thoughtful and thorough preparation wth the good physical foundation, reasonable techniques and tactics, and the outstanding progress. Therefore, winning is not easy. Our province's athletes have competed very hard and exceeded the set performance targets.”

The efforts and best efforts of the team of coaches and the athletes of Hoa Binh province have achieved the remarkable results. Thereby, it helps contribute to the overall achievements, gradually affirming the province's position in the national sports arena.

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