(HBO) - A ceremony was held at the Hoa Binh provincial Culture Palace on November 26 to review and award winners of the 2019 photo and video clip contest popularising Hoa Binh Lake tourism area. The event was co-hosted by the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the provincial Association of Literature and Arts, and the Hoa Binh Radio & Television Station.

Visitors at the event.

The contest aimed to promote the images of local people, cultural identities and diversity, natural scenery, cultural and historical vestiges, and outstanding tourism products to domestic and foreign visitors at the area, thereby choosing the best photos and clips featuring the area as well as honouring authors of works with creative value in the fields of film shooting and photography.

As of October 16, the organising board received 405 photo entries by 18 professional and amateur photographers, including 30 photos featuring Bo waterfall, Bo market and Da river before Hoa Binh hydropower plant was built, and others taken during the French domination. The board also received 18 clips popularising the area by 9 individuals and units.

At the event, the organising board presented the first photo prize to "Miniature Ha Long Bay” by Nguyen Xuan Thanh, the second prizes to "Bo Temple in spring” by Nguyen Xuan Thanh and "Quietness at noon” by Dinh Hai, the third prizes to "Nurturing the future” by Nguyen Xuan Thanh and "Early sunshine in Ba Khan” by Thai Kien, "Tourists experience kayaking in Da Bac” by Hoang Minh and 10 consolation prizes. Ten auxiliary prizes were also granted to collectors of photos depicting Bo waterfall, Bo market and Da river before the construction of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant.

The first prize in video clip category went to "Bed of Hoa Binh Lake – A green gem in the northwestern mountains and forests” by the provincial Radio & Television Station. The second prizes came to "Hoa Binh Lake – Ha Long Bay on mountain” by the provincial Radio & Television Station and "Identity and integration” by Nguyen Xuan Thanh, and the third prizes to "Ecological tourism on Hoa Binh lake” by Radio The Voice of Vietnam, and "Travelling around attractive and charming Hoa Binh lake” by the provincial Radio & Television Station, and "Aerial view of Hoa Binh lake” by Cao Phong district’s Centre for Culture and Media, and 10 consolation prizes to quality works./.


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