(HBO) - The Organizing Committee of the Cultural and Tourism Week of Hoa Binh Province in 2019 (Week) held a meeting to review the final stages in the preparation of the facilities, the event scenarios, and the plans for the order and security and food safety during the days of the Week. Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee as well as the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Week hosted the conference.

The representative of the standing organ of the Organizing Committee of Hoa Binh Cultural and Tourism Week in 2019 is reporting the preparation of the event at the conference.

The Provincial Culture and Tourism Week officially opens at 19:30 on 6th December at Hoa Binh Square. During the Week, there will be many events held in different locations and it lasts until 10/12.

According to the report of the standing agency and the members of the Organizing Committee, the basic preparations have been completed so far. The script and budget estimation for the festival have been completed. The propaganda and promotion on the festival activities during the Week have been strongly promoted. A press conference with the information about the event was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 350 banners, 600 banners, 4 boots, 5 large panels have been hung all over the province for the visual promotion. Hoa Binh newspaper has released a special issue to celebrate the Week.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has cooperated with the localities in the province to select the special cultural heritages to prepare for the show and demonstration of the typical cultural heritages of Hoa Binh ethnic groups. They have also selected the artisans to participate in performing the traditional jobs. The preliminary and final competitions have been held for the contest of "The beautiful girls of Muong”...

The Subcommittee of the Security and Logistics has fully prepared the Plans for the food and traffic safety, the security and order and the safety for the activities during the Week. On the opening night, the Organizing Committee has prepared 5,440 seats for the delegates and the people to attend. There are plans to divert traffic to avoid congestion ...

Making a speech at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee as well as the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Week stated: The provincial Culture - Tourism Week, a major political and cultural event of the province, has been carefully prepared (the preparation time is from the end of 2018). The preparation has basically been completed so far. 

However, the members of the Organizing Committee still have to highly focus to review every stage. In case of arising problems, it is necessary to promptly report to the Head of the Organizing Committee. The members of the Organizing Committee must present in the rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Week at 19h on December 5th at Hoa Binh Square and in the whole series of events following so the Cultural - Tourism Week of Hoa Binh Province in 2019 will be a great success.


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