(HBO) - In the process of turning tourism into a key economic sector of the province, in June 2010, Hoa Binh signed a contract to participate in the Tourism Development Program of 8 Northwestern provinces, including Hoa Binh, Son La and Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang and Phu Tho. Accordingly, in recent years, there have been many specific programs and actions to create a "foundation” for the development of the Northwestern tourism.

A great number of tourists visiting and worshiping at Bo Temple - a spiritual tourist spot in the national tourist area of Hoa Binh lake.

The highlight of the linking chain of the tourism development in the Northwest region is the Da River with a length of hundreds of kilometers running through 4 provinces: Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La and Hoa Binh. This is a beautiful river, winding around the majestic mountains, creating a giant water painting, which is considered a great potential for developing different types of cultural tourism with the identity of local people, ecological and spiritual tourism, opening up the opportunities to attract visitors. 

The construction of the tourist sites on Da River has been determined as the focal point for the tourism development of each province. Currently, many famous tourist sites have been formed along Da River. They are Le Thai To King Temple (Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province), Nang Han Temple - Linh Son Thuy Tu Temple (Quynh Nhai District, Son La Province), Thac Bo temple (Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province) ...

Hoa Binh in particular owns a hydroelectric lake with a length of 70 km and there are 47 large and small islands in the area of the lake bed, 36 mountain islands along the lake with an area of nearly 160 hectares, which have been exploited to develop tourism for many years. There have been well-known products and types of tourism from the Hoa Binh lake such as the tourism of discovery, resort and community. In recent years, the area of Hoa Binh lake has formed quite popular tourist attractions such as Bo temple, Co temple, Cau temple, King Le's stele; many islands have been invested in attractive tourism areas with specific characteristics such as Dua Island, Ban Be Island, Coi Xay Gio Island and so on, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. 

With that great potential, in August 2016, the Prime Minister issued a decision approving the Master Plan for development of the national tourist area of Hoa Binh lake in Hoa Binh province by 2030. That is the foundation and dynamic for the province to continue investing and developing tourism in association with the tourism development in the Northwest region.

Mr. Luu Huy Linh, the Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism says: Implementing the program of expanding the link of tourism development for 8 extended Northwest provinces, in recent years, the province has actively been building and implementing the plan for surveying and assessing the potential, the current status and linking the construction of tours and tourism routes to effectively exploit the tourism potential of Hoa Binh lake. Since the end of 2017, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Northwestern provinces has implemented a survey program along the route from Lai Chau hydroelectric plant down to Son La hydroelectric lake, ending at Hoa Binh lake. 

In early November 2018, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and other provinces with more than 70 travel businesses and press agencies surveyed the tourism products of various routes and the tourist destinations along Da River. Currently, the province continues to mobilize investment resources in the infrastructure to build the national tourism area of Hoa Binh lake. The province has been deploying the linking activities, promoting, introducing products, connecting to building products, designing tours, tourist routes, bringing domestic and international tourists to the tourism area of Hoa Binh lake in particular and the Northwest area in general. Since beginning of the year, the province has been coordinated with Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces to build and put the inter-lake waterway tourism route on the Da River into operation. 

The province has collaborated with Lao Cai province to organize the contest the "Beautiful photos of the Northwest tourism in 2019” to propagate and promote potentials, attracting investment and inviting tourists to Northwestern mountains.

According to the plan, in 2020, Hoa Binh province will receive the flag to organize the Cooperation Program for Tourism Development of 8 Northwestern provinces. Along with the preparation for the Provincial Week of Culture and Tourism in 2019, the province has prepared the basic foundations to take on the responsibility: linking and developing tourism in the Northwest area to new heights. It helps attract more and more investors and tourists coming to Hoa Binh in particular and to the Northwest area in general.


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