(HBO) - Trang Waterfall, Do Nhan Commune (Tan Lac) is known as one of the beautiful waterfalls in the province. From a distance, you can see the waterfall flowing from the height with white bubbles like a white silk band.

Tourists are enjoying when visiting and experiencing Trang Waterfall (Tan Lac).

Trang Stream winds its way, down to the valley below, through the rough terrain of high and low places. At each hierarchical topographic point, the stream creates a point of waterfall. Coming to Trang stream and Trang waterfall, visitors will feel the particular beauty of each season. When the dry season comes, the waterfall puts on its tender beauty, the falls seem to drop gently into the lake with clear blue water and the murmuring stream. When the rainy season comes, the waterfall has a majestic beauty, the water flows with a loud rumble and white foam.

Trang Waterfall has up to 3 waterfall spots, creating new and interesting things. The more people explore it, the more interested and fascinated they are. With a cool stream flowing non-stop, this place is like the fairy place of cradling fairy. At the first waterfall, the water from the stream overflows the sedimentary rock, then from a height of 5 meters, it falls along the cliff, flows the white foam like the dance of the mountains. Standing at the foot of the waterfall, visitors could not help admiring a beautiful picture of the nature with the water curtain dropping to form a beautiful white strip, the water brings the air full of dust.

Right at the foot of the waterfall is a lake deeper than 2 meters. Below the first waterfall, there is a gentle stream murmuring under the trees. Following the water flow downstream about 200 m to the southeast, the second waterfall of Moon Waterfall appears sparkling in the sun. Just like at the foot of the first waterfall, just below the foot of this waterfall, after many years of water flow, it has created a natural swimming pool. The water level here is very deep and green. Therefore, visitors can jump down to the waves of the cool and pure water.

After swimming in the blue water, visitors follow the stream to the third waterfall. This is the most beautiful waterfall on Trang stream - the convergence of the streams crept in the forests, on the sides of the terraced fields, which are kilometers away from here. The waterfall has a poetic beauty with a strong cascading waterfall forming a beautiful white silk strip.

The waterfall on the first floor is 3 meters high, pouring white foam between the fresh green of the nature. On the second and third floors, there is a gentle slope with the steps up and down and flowing water. To the 4th and 5th floors, the water meanders, eroding each stone protruding under the canopy of the ancient tree, in pristine scenery as beautiful as a water-color painting.

Visiting the Moon Waterfall at any time of the year, it makes visitors happy because this place is always beautiful and mesmerizing. The rainy season in Trang waterfall lasts from April to September. This is the time when the waterfall is rolling, launching white foam and it is extremely majestic. From October to March is the dry season, the water is gentler, more peaceful, and it is also easier to travel.

So far, Trang Waterfall has still remains untouched. Therefore, this place is suitable for those who are adventurous and passionate about exploring. Visitors can come and enjoy the relaxing and pleasant feeling of a trip back to the nature. They can mingle and enjoy the freshness and spaciousness of the mountains.



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