(HBO) - Sung Island in Tien Phong Commune (Da Bac) is one of the most beautiful islands in the area of Hoa Binh Lake. The island has a total area of 133 hectares, located in the middle of the core zone of the plan for the development of Hoa Binh lake national tourism.

The welcoming guest house in Robinson natural resort - Sung Island in Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) is built with 100% of the natural bamboo.

Sung Island is about 30 km from Hoa Binh City. The island is located in the middle of an immense lake like a very attractive natural picture that can conquer and captivate anyone who loves nature.

Recognizing the potential of Sung Island, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company has proposed that the project of Robinson Natural Tourism at Sung Island be started. The project has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee. The goal of the project is to build high-quality technical infrastructure and services, targeting high-income visitors and international visitors.

The chairman of the Administrative Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company, Vu Duy Bong says: To invest in a high-quality tourist area to exploit the potential and advantages of Sung Island, the Board of Directors of the company have decided to propose to adjust the total investment of the project from 279 VND billion to 891 VND billion. The project is divided into 2 phases. In the first phase, they are trying to complete the construction of the reception houses, the restaurants, the sports areas and 108 bedrooms, including 88 bedrooms with 5-star standards, 20 bedrooms with 4-star standards, and approximately 50% of the project is put into operation until the 4th quarter of 2020. In phase, which is from quarter I to quarter IV of 2021, 100% of the project volume will be completed.

The villas and the constructions will ensure the harmony and keep the natural landscape of Sung Island. The company has worked with reputable domestic and international consultors and designers to plan the design of the items and they have been investing in the construction of quality assurance items, ensuring the exploitation schedule. According to the plan, Robinson Natural resort in Sung Island will be invested in building a synchronous and modern infrastructure system, ensuring the harmony with nature, maximizing the potential and advantages of Sung Island and promoting the values of the landscape, the culture and the nature in the area of Hoa Binh lake.

Along with the project of Robinson Natural Tourism in Sung Island of Hoa Binh Tourism Investment joint Stock Company, other investors are also deploying the investment projects in the tourism field of the area of Hoa Binh lake, which is feasible that in the future the diversified tourism products with high quality will be formed, creating attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

The Provincial People's Committee has directed the functional and local agencies to implement the solutions to support and solve difficulties for businesses, investors so that they can make research, study and deploy investment in the area of Hoa Binh lake tourism, giving priority to developing eco-tourism, convalescence and tourism to learn about the ethnic cultures, developing supportive tourism products, etc. It is necessary to build the area of Hoa Binh lake tourism into a national tourist system with a relatively synchronous and modern system of material and technical facilities. It is important to build high-quality and diversified tourist products with band and bold cultural identities of Hoa Binh ethnic people, becoming the largest tourism center of the province and being one of twelve key tourism areas of the Northern midland and mountainous region.



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