(HBO) - The policies and guidelines for tourism development are an important fulcrum to help tourism development within Hoa Binh lake. On August 1st, 2016, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1528/QD-TTg approving the master plan for development of the national tourism resort within Hoa Binh lake in Hoa Binh province up to 2030. Accordingly, the national tourism resort within Hoa Binh lake is located in Hoa Binh City and 4 districts including Da Bac, Cao Phong, Tan Lac and Mai Chau.

The area of Da Bia community tourism in Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) is an ideal destination, attracting a large number of foreign visitors to explore.

Currently, there are 8 investment projects in the national tourism resort within Hoa Binh lake with a total capital of over 2,400 billion VND. They include the project of Ba Khan eco-tourism, the project of the resort and eco-tourism within Hoa Binh lake, the project of Ngoi Hoa eco-tourism...

The province has been focusing on investing in the project of improving and upgrading the provincial road 435 connecting the national highway 6 to Binh Thanh port, Thung Nai port (Cao Phong) and Ngoi Hoa bay (Tan Lac). The construction of Ngoi Hoa tourism port according to grade-II standards at the end of the route has also been paid attention to. The port is 4 ha wide with the construction area of 2 ha and the the water area of 2 ha. The port is designed to synchronize the items such as the waiting and the operating rooms, the parking lots, lighting systems, which are capable of welcoming 12,000 passengers per year, and the ships with a capacity of 300 guests, creating convenient conditions for visitors to the area of Ngoi Hoa bay on the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake.

In the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake, there are more than 300 ships and boats transporting tourists, of which nearly 100 qualified boats and boats have been registered for tourist transportation. In the area within Hoa Binh lake, there is one hotel expected to be recognized as a 2-star hotel. There are 2 guest houses and more than 20 community motels in Ke village, Duc Phong hamlet, Sung hamlet in Da Bac district and Ngoi hamlet in Tan Lac district.

The area of the National Tourism within Hoa Binh lake has been focusing on creating and developing typical, attractive and unique tourism products such as the community tourism, the resort eco-tourism of high quality, the entertainment tourism on lake’s surface, the spiritual tourism and so on.

Since being planned as the area of the national tourism, the tourist area within Hoa Binh lake has affirmed its position on Vietnam's tourism map. The number of domestic and international visitors to Hoa Binh Lake has rapidly increased. In 2016, attracted 447,000 turns of visitors, including 208,000 turns of international visitors and 239,000 turns of domestic tourists. The total revenue from tourism is 142 billion VND. In 2019, it welcomed 579,000 turns of visitors (266,000 turns of international visitors and 313,000 turns of domestic visitors). The total revenue from tourism reached 282 billion VND.

Thanks to the development of tourism, the difficult areas within the lake have changed a lot, the socio-economic life of Suoi Hoa, Tien Phong, Hien Luong, Cao Son communes has been improved. The agricultural products and goods of the people within the lake area are popularly promoted by tourists. The social security and order have been stable, the traffic has been improved ... In 2019, per capita income of the communes like Tien Phong and Hien Luong has been much better.


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