(HBO) - Despite being a district with many difficulties, Da Bac has its own advantages of wild, beautiful nature with the rich cultural identity, and it is in the development planning of Hoa Binh lake tourism area. It has been identified as a key tourism development of the province. In recent years, the district has had specific solutions to support organizations and individuals to participate in the development of different types of tourism, building the community tourism products, ecological and experiential tourism having positive effects, contributing to economic restructuring and improving the people's lives.

Tourists are experiencing at the homestay with the Lake view in Duc Phong hamlet, Tien Phong commune (Da Bac).

Since 2016, Da Bac district has set up the project for developing the district’s tourism up to 2020, with a vision to 2030. In which, it has been determined that exploiting the potential of the beautiful nature with the magnificent mountains and the primeval forests, the unique traditional cultural values of the ethnic minorities to develop community tourism is an important content. The district has established Da Bac Community Tourism joint Stock Company, assisting in converting and improving the quality of the services of community tourism to develop in a more professional and effective direction when focusing on promoting and connecting to the customer market. They have been building the brand for tourism products and services of Da Bac people, developing community tourism in a sustainable way.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Information of Da Bac district, Ms. Bui Thi Hong Anh says: The development of tourism in the district has had many positive changes, initially tourism sites, tours and routes have been formed. The district has created favorable conditions for businesses to invest in tourism development, especially the national tourism development planning within the area of Hoa Binh lake, which is step by step bringing efficiency and contributing to the local tourism development. On the basis the AOP Organization has supported and instruct how to do tourism at the local community tourism in the following communes: Hien Luong, Tien Phong, and Cao Son to do tourism, and it is step by step bringing the stable income for the local people. In 2018, Da Bia tourism destination, which is now Duc Phong hamlet in Tien Phong commune, won the ASEAN award for community tourism and it was announced in early 2019.

In 2019, the People's Committee of the district successfully organized the Conference of Tourism and Agricultural Investment Promotion of Da Bac district in the island of Dua eco-tourism area in Vay Nua commune, attracting 45 enterprises inside and outside the province with more than 400 participants. At the conference, 16 tourist attractions were introduced to attract investment, a memorandum of understanding with 9 investors was signed, and the initial investment cost of more than 2,000 billion VND was expected. Also in 2019, the district coordinated with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to survey Song Cave in Vay Nua Commune and Ho Vang Cave in Nanh Nghe Commune, proposing a scientific dossier to recognize as the provincial scenic relics.

However, up to now, the district has not allocated the funds for the scientific dossiers to recognize as the scenic spots for these two caves. Currently, there are 3 companies acting as the tourism hubs in the district. They are Da Bac Community Tourism joint Stock Company, Dai Duong Travel Company and Nhat Minh Tourism Company. Every year, they organize tours for tourists inside and outside the district. Currently, in the whole district, there are 21 accommodation establishments, including 7 motels, 1 tourist accommodation in Dao Dua, Vay Nua commune, 13 households doing community tourism in Hien Luong, Cao Son, Tien Phong communes and 1 Homestay for tourism in Ho Tam, Cao Son Commune.

In particular, the area of the district the eco-tourism and resort destinations have been formed, which has initially attracted domestic and foreign tourists such as: the tourism destination on Dua Island in Vay Nua commune, the community tourism spots in Sung village, Cao Son commune and Ke hamlet in Hien Luong commune, Duc Phong village (Da Bia), Doan Ket (Mo Hem), Tien Phong commune. Thac Bo spiritual tourism destination in Vay Nua commune annually attracts a large number of tourists to do the pilgrimage sightseeing ...

With the specific solutions, tourism activities of upland district, Da Bac have prospered, the number of visitors and the tourism revenue increases annually, reaching and exceeding the target assigned by the province. In 2020, in the context of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the district welcomed 9,000 turns of visitors with the turnover of 30 billion VND. In the coming time, Da Bac district will continue to coordinate with the appropriate authorities to promote the investment and the tourism development as planned, and improving the efficiency in State management of tourism in the area. It is necessary to invest in the research, the construction and the improvement of the quality of tourism products, focusing on building new unique tourism products of the locality to attract tourists, creating the strong changes in the awareness of all levels, sectors and businesses about the requirements for tourism development. They also have had plans to support villages and hamlets with the tourism development, investing in equipping facilities, improving the quality of products to better serve the needs of domestic and foreign tourists.


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