(HBO) Located at the gateway to the Northwest, Hoa Binh has diverse terrain with a system of hills, limestone caves, and there are many rivers and streams with the natural beauty and the unique cultural identity. It is also known as the cradle of Hoa Binh Culture. This is the reason for many tourists to choose Hoa Binh as an ideal stopover on the journey to discover and experience green tourism.

The rafting experience on the lake - a tourism product built by Mai Chau Logde Resort - Mai Chau town always attracts visitors.

Avana Retreat Mai Chau has a seemingly isolated location between a small village of Bao La commune (Mai Chau). The destination is rated in the top of the most beautiful resorts in the North. The campus here are hills, valleys, terraced fields, waterfalls and small streams murmuring all year round, weaving through each rock crevice, bringing visitors into the green space of the mountains and forests.

Ms. Nguyen Minh Trang, a tourist from Hanoi says: I just had a great weekend experience at Avana Retreat. What impresses me deeply is the wild nature and the isolated and quiet space that helps to relax the soul. Here, the service conditions are quite perfect, I like the feeling of being immersed in the infinity pool, enjoying a private dinner by the waterfall and riding a Jeep to explore the mountains. Guests also have the added pleasure of using eco-friendly items prepared and provided by the resort.

Also at the Mai Chau district’s valley destination, there are tourism resorts and community tourism villages, such as Mai Chau Lodge Resort, Valey Retreat, Hich village - Mai Hich commune, Buoc village - Xam Khoe commune... Many green tourism destinations, attracting tourists, should not be missed. They are Bich Tru village - Hoa Binh commune (Hoa Binh city), Chien village - Van Son commune (Tan Lac), Mo village - Binh Thanh commune (Cao Phong), Mu village - Tu Do commune (Lac Son). These are the touristm destinations that are loved by tourists because of the peaceful rhythm of life, the natural scenery in harmony with the sky, clouds and rivers. In particular, Bich Tru village - Hoa Binh commune is still new, many tourists like coming here to admire the scenery, learn about daily life, enjoy specialties of Da river’s fish caught and processed into the traditional dishes by the local people. These dishes are fresh and very tasty.
From Bich Ha wharf (Hoa Binh city), tourists board the ship to the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake to freely "ẹnoy the mountains, enjoy the water”, enjoy the cool air, admire the magnificent scenery that the nature bestowed the endless blue lake with hundreds of large and small islands. On the journey of experience, resorts and tourism attractions are ready to welcome: Dua island tourist area, Ngoc Xanh island; the community tourism villages such as Da Bia, Mo Hem, Ke, Sung (Da Bac); Ngoi village - Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac); Mai Chau Hideaway and Ba Khan Villagde Resort (Mai Chau)...

One of the community tourism villages attracting tourists in four seasons is Ngoi village, Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) located in Ngoi Hoa bay, which is likened to the "heart” of.  Thye tourism area within Hoa Binh lake. Coming from big cities, mainly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, in addition to keeping the rustic and pristine look, tourists love this Muong village because of its unique culture, friendly feelings and activities. interesting experiences: sleeping on stilts, enjoying ethnic music, kayaking…

Visitors to the village come from big cities, mainly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to keeping the rustic and pristine look, tourists love this Muong village because of its unique culture, friendly feelings and interesting activities: sleeping on stilt houses, enjoying the ethnic music, rowing kayak…

According to Mr. Bui Xuan Truong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, green tourism is the Government's policy to develop sustainable and effective tourism. Hoa Binh has favorable natural conditions to develop this type of tourism. In the area, there are many tourism areas and attractions that have been attracting tourists thanks to unique and different ecotourism products. Many localities have effectively built and promoted community tourism models based on the natural resources and cultural identities.

Responding to the National Tourism Year, in order to concretize the province's project to organize annual cultural, sports and tourism events in the period of 2021-2025, Hoa Binh successfully organized a tourism stimulus program in 2023 with the theme "Hoa Binh – the green tourism destination - the full experience". With this event, the province has increased the introduction and promotion of the attractive and typical tourist destinations and products of each location to domestic and international tourists, supporting the localities and the tourism businesses to link, cooperate in market development, creating conditions for tourism zones, spots and units to introduce products, offering the preferential programs and commitments to ensure the service quality Along with the trend of green tourism, the tourism sites and attractions are actively creating a new ecosystem for Hoa Binh tourism, mobilizing hands of the community to preserve the natural landscape, protect the living environment and preserve, promote the cultural identity and good traditional values. This is also the direction of tourism development that both attracts tourists and preserve and promote the value of cultural heritages, towards a green growth.

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Being ready to rewelcome guests to see the flower hill in Mung village

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