(HBO) - With cool and fresh climate, beautiful natural landscapes and unique cultural identities, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Hang Kia commune, Mai Chau district have focused on developing tourism, attracting visitors to explore and experience.

 Cloud-hunting tourist destination in Hang Kia village, Hang Kia commune, Mai Chau district attracts tourists.

Located about 40km from the centre of Mai Chau district, Hang Kia village is mainly inhabited by the Mong ethnic minority people. When it comes to Hang Kia, tourists immediately think of the cloud hunting spot with beautiful and poetic scenery, shimmering with colours on an area of nearly 1ha. For a ticket price of 20,000 VND (0.86 USD), tourists can experience and immerse themselves in more than 10 check-in venues here.

Vang A Denh, the owner of a homestay in Hang Kia village, said there are three households involved in community tourism business in the village. Since starting this model, they have received the State support in building concrete roads, cultural houses and sport grounds. The public awareness of environment protection has been raised. They have planted flowers along the roads to make the village more beautiful and draw more visitors.

Nguyen Van Cuong, a tourist from Hai Phong, said Hang Kia has beautiful, majestic, and pristine natural landscapes, with a clean and cool environment that evokes a lot of emotions in himself. The friendly local residents still preserve their cultural customs and traditions. The traditional dishes and unique products of the northwest mountains are also very interesting and appealing.

Hang Kia commune now has five households involved in tourism development, with complete infrastructure, accommodation, dining, and experiential activities to meet the needs of tourists. In addition, when joining the model, households are trained to improve their business skills to serve tourists.

Sung Y Mua, owner of Y Mua homestay in Hang Kia hamlet, said her family invested in building a traditional wooden stilt house with a standard toilet and bathroom. The experts always remind them to preserve the simplicity and cultural identity of ethnic people. They also attended classes on cooking, reception and making souvenir items from bamboo, rattan, and fabric. Thanks to that, her family has served more guests and has higher income.

Vang A Pao, Vice Chairman of the Hang Kia communal People's Committee, said there are five households using homestay tourism development model and one agricultural cooperative specialised in community-based tourism to serve visitors. Last year, the commune welcomed 234 visitors, with an estimated revenue of over 6.1 billion VND. In the first quarter this year, it served 132 tourist groups, including 61 domestic and 71 foreign ones, earning around 3 billion VND./.


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