The smart tourism software of Hoa Binh province forms part of the package of smart urban solutions, which optimises information and communications technologies to form a tourism ecosystem and offer benefits to tourists, authorities and businesses. It has facilitated the building of a high-quality tourism industry, contributing to local sustainable economic development.

Over the past time, Da Bac district has promoted tourism in the Da River area through websites.

Since late 2021, tourist attractions in Mai Chau district have been included on the electronic map. By simply scanning 2D and 3D images, tourists can access information about the destinations.

Ha Thi Lieu, deputy head of the Mai Chau district Bureau of Culture and Sports, said over the past time, the locality has made progress in attracting tourism investment with projects worth hundreds of Vietnam dong.

Besides, seven community-based tourism destinations and a number of high-end resorts have been put into operation, contributing to economic restructuring, and creating jobs, and increasing income for locals, she added.

To promote its tourism products, the district has selected 26 relics and tourist attractions for the "digital" tourism map. Over the past time, Hoa Binh province has paid attention to building the smart tourism system, which comprises a portal, a mobile application, data integration infrastructure, and a tourism industry reporting system.

To serve it, public wifi services are offered at Hoa Binh Lake, Mai Chau, and Tien Pagoda tourist sites. Via the website at http//, visitors can learn about the unique culture, scenery and people of Hoa Binh, and book hotels and restaurants, among other services. It also serves as a channel for enterprises to introduce their promotion programmes, and as a tool for state management over natural resources and tourism activities.

Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Luu Huy Linh said the software has helped facilitate local tourism, and promote digital transformation in the field, towards turning it into an economic spearhead.


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