(HBO) - The National Assembly Congress of Hoa Binh Province takes place in 2 days (July 11-12). There are some activities of the Fatherland Front Committee at all levels in Hoa Binh province for the term 2014-2019.

Mr. Tran Dang Ninh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and provincial leaders supported the "For the Poor" fund at the launching ceremony in 2018.

Mr. Hoang Thanh Mich, former Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee awarded the certificate of merit to prestigious people at the 2017 Provincial Prestigious People's Honor Conference.

Mr. Xa Quoc Su, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee gave unity houses to poor households in Cao Phong district.

Mr. Tran Duc Truong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee attached the flower route to celebrate the 15th Provincial Fatherland Front Congress in Su Ngoi commune (Hoa Binh City).

The members of the model "The family of self-governing" of Lien Vu commune (Lac Son district) exchange information to prevent the effects of social evils.

Fatherland Front officials of Suoi Nanh commune (Da Bac district) and the relief units transporting necessities for people severely affected by flooding in 2018.

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Charity group produces ear guards for medical staff

Anti COVID-19, a charity group in Hanoi, has produced ear guards to help ease the pain of medical staff who are fighting in the frontline against COVID-19 and have to wear tight-fitting medical masks during their work.

Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

With the spirit of ‘fighting against the pandemic like fighting against an enemy’, the whole Vietnamese Party, armed forces and people have made an all-out effort to implement synchronous measures to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to ceaseless efforts, Vietnam has been controlling the disease and has received appreciation from the international community as well as support and trust from its people.

An Bang – the harsh and beautiful floating island captivating people

(HBO) - An Bang, named the "beautiful girl”, is the most difficult to reach among the islands of Truong Sa Islands. As the island is full of violent waves all year round. The big boats cannot land, people have to use the small canoe to "swim” on the waves which are several meters high to get into the island. Landing in An Bang is not for those who suffer from the heart disease. During the business trip just before the spring of Rat, 2020, we were lucky enough to set foot on the islands and record the images of the harsh but extremely beautiful floating islands.

The Armed Forces in Hoa Binh have been preventing and controlling Covid-19 epidemics in the spirit of the soldier “for the people to serve”

(HBO) - The officers and soldiers of the Military School in Hoa Binh province have thoughtfully and adequately arranged the manpower, the equipment and the plans to ensure accommodation and living for people quarantined from Covid-19 epidemics with the motto "for the people to serve”.

“Sea grape” – the resilient plant of the Truong Sa Islands

(HBO) - In the large Truong Sa Islands, known as the heart of the beloved Truong Sa, in addition to the square stormy eagle trees, Camellia sinensis is a popular plant grown all over the island.

"I love Banh mi Sai Gon” week held in southern hub

"I love Banh mi Sai Gon” (I love Saigon bread) program is taking place in Ho Chi Minh city from March 24th to 31st.