The comrades of the provincial Standing Committee are talking with the typical and excellent farmers at the 3rd National Assembly Delegation of Ethnic Minorities in Hoa Binh in 2019.

Up to now, 50 OCOP products in the province have been standardized and 50 links of chains and consumption of agricultural products of high quality have been formed.

The leaders from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development always stick to the reality and coordinate with the localities and the related departments to improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

95.2% of the rural households are provided with hygienic running water, exceeding 0.2% of the target of the Resolution of the General Meeting of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development during the term 2015 - 2020.

The effective directions in some localities such as Mai Chau, Tan Lac ... are to develop the rural industries associated with the community tourism.

The sector of agriculture and rural development has been cooperating with the relevant forces to organize the drills for preventing and controlling disaster.

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Hoa Binh city has been glowing with flags celebrating the 75th anniversary of the National Day, September 2nd

(HBO) - In these days, Hoa Binh city is as brilliant as wearing a new shirt because of the color of the Fatherland flag, the Party flag, the banners and so on. They are hung around the streets, in front of each house to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Day of the Republic Socialist Vietnam (September 2nd, 1945 - September 2nd, 2020).

The Youth of Hoa Binh Newspaper has been joining hands to prevent and fight against the Covid-19 epidemic

(HBO) - Recently, Hoa Binh Newspaper has collaborated with the Police of Tan Lac District to give free medical face masks, propagate and instruct people to install Bluezone software and measures to prevent and control Covid-19. Accordingly, with the core force of the union members and the youths of the two units, 25,000 medical face masks were given to people in Tu Ne and Ngoc My communes and Man Duc town of Tan Lac district.