(HBO) - Recently, the Party Committee and the People's Committee of the district have been paying attention to leading, directing and implementing the program for the administrative reform in a synchronous and effective manner on the basis of following the contents, programs and plans of the government and the province.

 People coming to deal something in the one-door service counter in Kim Boi commune (Kim Boi) always receive the enthusiastic guidance from local officials.

The propaganda has been widely and deeply implemented, the administrative procedures, the fees and the time of handling administrative procedures in each field have been publicly posted at the working place so that the enterprises and the local people can grasp the solution process of the administrative procedures, and at the same time they can supervise the implementation of the administrative reforms of the officials and civil servants at the People's Committees of all levels. Thereby, it has been creating conditions for the appropriate authorities and localities to proactively formulate their plans for implementing the tasks of the administrative reform with the key contents.

Along with promoting the implementation of the key issues of the administrative reform, the district has been paying attention to investing and upgrading the facilities and equipment for the Department of Reception and Release in the communes and the town in the district. The application of IT has been positively contributing to solving the professional tasks, improving the quality of work, and saving the expenses.

Currently, the district has one website and eleven other websites for the communes with the role of introducing, updating documents and providing the online public services for the local people and the enterprises. The electronic software for one-door service counter of the district Department has been connected to 100% of the communes and the town. The use of the digital signatures on the arriving and receiving documents, and the issuance of digital identity cards to the appropriate authorities, the communes, the town and the schools in the area has been implemented.

Through appointing the officials and the civil servants to be trained and fostered the morality, the culture, the majority, the capacity and the qualifications belonging to the Department of Reception and Release has been gradually upgraded. The quality of serving the local people, organizations and enterprises in resolving the administrative procedures is reflected through the satisfaction.

With the drastically directive solutions, the changes in the implementation of administrative reform in Kim Boi district have created a lot of favorable conditions for the local socio-economic development. Mr. Bui Quang Hop, the Deputy Head of the District’s Internal Relationship Department, says: From the beginning of the year, the Department of Reception and Release has received 1,769 files, of which, 1,624 ones were resolved, the overdue ones were 7 records and 248 ones were returned due to the illegality. 

In general, the implementation, the review and the evaluation of the administrative procedures of the appropriate authorities and People's Committees of the communes and the town have been seriously and effectively implemented. The new administrative procedures have been updated in time, saving the time and the costs of handling the administrative procedures of the individuals and the organizations, aiming to better serve the local people and enterprises.

In the coming time, in order to improve the efficiency of the administrative reform, the district will focus on training, fostering and improving the quality of the officials and cadres with the professional qualifications, skills and working standards friendly and responsible attitude, the good observance of discipline, the administrative discipline and the public service ethics. 

The investment in facilities will be improved, consolidating the organizational structure of the Department of Reception and Release at all levels, creating favorable conditions for the people and enterprises coming to solve their problems. The electronic one-door software is gradually completed, ensuring the consistency, the connectivity, and the connection with other specialized software to meet the work needs, contributing to the local socio-economic development.


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