(HBO) - As a pioneer in bringing biological paper bags containing food into the consumers’ market of Hoa Binh, Mr. Vu Dang Bien, Huu Nghi Ward (Hoa Binh City) has boldly introduced the idea of "Developing the technology of biological paper bags containing food for the consumers' health and protecting the living environment” in the contest "The idea of the second creative start-up of Hoa Binh Youth in 2019”. Mr. Bien's idea has won the second prize at the competition.

Mr. Vu Dang Bien at a facility producing biological paper bags containing food for the consumers’ health and environmental protection.

The idea for the startup projects has been implemented under the form of production and business of the cooperative. The development strategy is divided into 2 phases. In phase 1, the cooperative has focused on producing and trading bags containing bread and fast food to serve the members and accumulate, increasing the capital, and developing the members and expanding the scale of the cooperative at the same time.

Phase 2 concentrates on the resources, calls for investment, increasing the capital to expand the scale of project investment; building the infrastructure, buying more machines, developing domestic and foreign markets. With the modern machinery, it is possible to produce 60,000 bags every day. It is expected that 300,000 products will be completed in the first year of putting the project into production and distribution. 390,000 products will be produced in the 2nd year with the estimated profit is estimated of over 600 million VND a year. The number of products will continue to increase from 3rd year onwards.

Mr. Bien further says: The products of biological paper bags containing food are manufactured with bio-paper with the ability of decomposing in the natural environment. The products do not use the chemicals that are harmful to the human health, the thickness and length of paper are suitable for their capacity as a food container, which are safe and convenient. With the main products and services: bags containing bread and fast food ... has been put into production and the trial use since 2015. At each store, after 1 month of implementation, he goes back to get the customers’ reviews and he often receives positive feedback.

At first, he imported the raw materials from abroad to process by hand so the products were not uniform, the aesthetic was not high, and it didn’t meet the order quantity. 

Currently, he has expanded the scale and launched more products with high quality and better designs, using more modern production lines, more mechanization in production to meet the needs of users and the dealers in the Northern region. In 2018, he brought the products of bio-paper bags to introduce at some commercial centers in the provinces, thereby expanding the market to provide products. A number of sales and product introduction have been built and it is expected to be the distribution agents in the area of Hoa Binh city, Cao Phong, Tan Lac, Kim Boi districts, Hung Yen province, Hanoi city and so on.

Not only stopping at an idea and a project, the young man, Mr. Vu Dang Bien is determined to implement the goal of bringing the products with high quality for consumers' health and environmental protection to the domestic and foreign consumers.

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