(HBO) - Week of Culture and Tourism of Hoa Binh province in 2019 will take place from 6th – 10th December. This is a major event of the province, and it is expected that the leaders from the Party and State and tens of thousands of people will participate in the event. Therefore, ensuring security and order is one of the key tasks that the Organizing Committee has been actively implemented with great attention.

The officials from the Provincial Public Security are surveying the place for the opening ceremony of the Week of Culture and Tourism of the province in 2019 at Hoa Binh Square.

Together with us conducting a survey of the place for the events of the Week of the Provincial Culture and Tourism in 2019, Colonel Nguyen Nhat Hung Quang, the Deputy Head of Division PA03 (the Provincial Police) says: Right after the Plan of the Provincial People's Committee on the organization of the Week of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Week in 2019, the Provincial Police has issued a plan to ensure security and order in the whole province and has built a detailed plan to ensure security and order for the Week of Culture and Tourism in particular. 

Especially, the plan to ensure security and order for the Week of the Provincial Culture and Tourism in 2019 is implemented in combination with the plan of the peak attack on suppressing criminals of the Provincial Police from November 15 to February 15. Particularly, they have been focusing on the propaganda, the dissemination and the legal education, mobilizing the people to strictly comply the provisions of the law on road traffic, not participating in social evils... 

The police force has strengthened the understanding the security and order on the key routes and areas, effectively preventing and controlling the crimes and law-breaking acts. At the same time, they have been mobilizing all the forces to closely follow the area and proactively grasp the situations, making efforts to resolve the cases at the grassroots level, not leaving the hot spots affecting the security and order.

According to the Organizing Committee, about 400 delegates, including the leaders from the Party and State are expected to attend the Week of the Provincial Culture and Tourism in 2019. The event with a lot of different participants and some events held in the evening lasts 5 days continuously at various locations in Hoa Binh city and Tan Lac district. These are the challenges for the assuring task of security and order. Therefore, the Public Security has thoughtfully and carefully planned for security and order.

Colonel Nguyen Nhat Hung Quang also adds that the Division has advised the Board of Directors of the Provincial Police to develop plans, implement and pay special attention to the task of regulating traffic safety so that the congestion will not take place, minimizing the number of traffic accidents. At present, the plans to ensure security and order have been deployed by the Provincial Police. Each officer and soldier is taking responsibility, trying to fulfil the assigned tasks, ensuring the absolute safety for each event.

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