(HBO) - In 2019, Cao Phong district has achieved positive results. Most of the targets have been met and exceeded the plan. In particular, some important targets reached and exceeded the plan such as: Economic growth rate reached 11%; Per capita income reached 48.5 million; State budget revenue reached 31.08 billion VND; the poverty rate is 12.53%...

People in Doi hamlet, Tay Phong commune are happy to celebrate the great national unity.

Including highlights in the field of agriculture, tourism, new rural construction. In the field of agriculture, people actively apply new science and technology, produce towards high quality goods and agriculture. The whole district has 3,452.8 hecta of fruit trees, including 3,015.6 hecta of citrus fruits; 1,018.34 hecta of oranges meet VietGAP standards. The district continues to successfully organize the 5th Cao Phong orange festival. Cao Phong orange continues to affirm its brand in the market in the province and in the country and aims to export. The area of sugarcane is 2,703.2 ha. With an average value of about 500 - 625 million VND per hecta of citrus fruit; 160 - 200 million VND per hecta of sugarcan. A lot of households have enriched on their home land.

The new rural construction program has met plan. The average reached 15.08 criteria per commune, increasing 0.5 criteria compared to 2018. Up to now, the district has 5 communes meeting the new rural standard. The district has 8 OCOP products participating in the provincial ranking evaluation in 2019.

The tourism sector has many flourishes, initially exploiting the potential, combined with preserving cultural values. The district built a master plan for tourism development. In particular, identify routes, clusters and tourist sites such as: Binh Thanh - Thung Nai - Hoa Binh lake; Cultural and historical relics Cu Chinh Lan monument, Bo temple, Hoa Binh lake eco-tourism... In 2019, the district welcomed over 435,000 tourists, the revenue reached 39.3 billion VND, up 86%. compared to 2018.

The connection between economic development with cultural development and solving social issues had positive changes. People's lives have been improved. Movement of building cultural life, cultural lifestyle at grassroots level was promoted. 100% of classrooms are solidified; 11/13 communes and townships meet the national criteria set for health; 90% of households use hygienic...

Cao Phong Party Committee, authorities and people are making efforts to realize the goal of Resolution of the District Party Congress term 2015 - 2020 to become a fairly developed district of Hoa Binh province.

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Animated emulation spirit in social, vocational associations

(HBO) - The year 2020 has many events of great significance such as the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the 130th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, the 75th anniversary of August Revolution and National Day (September 2). It is also the year the Party congresses at all levels and the patriotic emulation congresses are held. Therefore, since the beginning of this year, emulation campaigns have been launched at all levels.

The Exciting Entrance Ceremony of the 2020-2021 school year

(HB) - On September 5th, along with millions of students nationwide, more than 23,000 students of our province are eagerly entering the new school year of 2020-2021.

Hoa Binh implements primary education task in 2020-2021 school year

(HBO) - Hoa Binh province’s Department of Education and Training held a conference to review the implementation of tasks in the 2019 – 2020 academic year, and discuss orientations and plans for primary education in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Autumn has come back to the homeland of Quyet Thang

(HBO) - These days, a lot of streets and alleys of Quyet Thang commune have been glowing with the red flags, the banners and the slogans to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day, September 2nd. Quyet Thang commune, a new-born name in the administrative map of Lac Son district, but it is not unfamiliar to the people in the district. In early January 2020, implementing the Resolution No.830 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the commune was established on the basis of merging 3 communes, Phu Luong, Phuc Tuy and Chi Thien.

Hoa Binh reviews poverty reduction efforts

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province has reviewed the implementation of the national target programme on sustainable poverty reduction for the 2016-2020 period at a recent conference.

Moi Mit hamlet of culture and national defence

(HBO) - Moi Mit hamlet in Yen Mong commune, Hoa Binh province, was selected as the "village of culture and national defence” model in 2016, which has created important momentum for the locality to move forward and given a facelift to the hamlet.